Why Indian women tend to have more followers over twitter than Indian men?

“Tend to have” more followers? 1. I do not have the supporting data, and it’s just an empirical observation. 2. It surely is a generalization, and simply focusing on outliers would distract from this curious phenomenon. It’s just that I’ve noticed that an average female Indian twitter account has higher follower : following ratio than that […]

My attempts at song recording!

Now don’t get too carried away by the exclamation mark above in the title! I know the final outcome is quite ordinary, or perhaps even worse. But anyway, I take keen ‘amateur interest’ in listening to music, and am not trained in music in any way. Nor do I even consider myself a good singer. […]

What Ails the Indian Economy: An Amateur View

A few Premises Let us start with a few premises (applicable to economies of ‘civilized’ societies): 1. We need goods and services. 2. We get goods and stuff in return of money we pay. 3. (Usually) we get money in return of something we produce (goods and services) that others ‘demand’. 4. Either we must […]

One of the ‘Aam Admis’ Views on Indian Politics

I had started tweeting about this, and thought a slightly more elaborate blog post was in order. Today, my family had traveled to a nearby city in our car, and as nobody in my family is confident enough to drive, we had hired a driver for the purpose. He is not in our regular employment, […]

Ethics in Tangents – Part 5: Do Doctors coming out of Government-Run/Aided Institutes Need to ‘Pay Back’?

This in response to a very narrow aspect of Vidyut’s blog post – Globalization – Brain Drain (click). Expense of education borne by less developed country, while fruits of the person’s service are reaped by developed countries.  Today’s outrage on Twitter was the government making it mandatory for doctors going abroad for further education to […]

Life is the Dance of Existence

Today I was talking with Her on the phone, and She was taking particular pleasure in recounting to me a goof up by someone reeking of sheer incompetence. My laughter did resonate with hers, but somehow I, on that particular occasion, did not feel contemptuous of the person in question. On most occasions I would […]