The Desert-River in a Sinister Spring

I kneel-bent am, in a gorge, in a desert parched perennially

And see you running towards me—a stream of humming happiness.

In your waters, myriad colours, they mingle madly.

I see around; a desert dances in its green grace.


The spring’s here, and it’s here to stay, to myself I say.

My hands fold and bow down in a thirsty desperate dip,

But your (river’s) drops, by distances unseen, but felt, keep away.

The drops do drown down my sight, but sans settling in a single sip.


Each dancing drop passing in its leap, ever ecstatic

Greets my green grace (desert)-grazing gaze, and I surmise

That the happiness face-to-face is a fantasy far fantastic.

And away you meander leaving moist only one trace- that in my eyes.


I then faint in that gorge, in a green garden parched as ever

And see you running away from me—a stream of pampered pain.

In your waters mocking at me is a mob of colors, clever,

Which was invigorating, variegated, vibrant, and now—VANISHING and VAIN.


(A poem on what happens when love means too much to you, and loving, too much for the one you love)

8 thoughts on “The Desert-River in a Sinister Spring

  1. Hi Vishwas!

    Thanks a lot, and welcome to the blog!

    Not really used to high praise like this. 🙂 Hope you enjoy other posts, too.


  2. this is a wonderful wonderful poem- ‘a stream of pampered pain’ i can understand what that means but not describe it!

    You write lovely poems..too bad u dont write more of them..i can see why u say its necessary to live the writing while not actually living it..

  3. @ TUIB:

    Extremely sorry for this ultra-delayed response! Don’t know how come I missed your this comment! 😛

    Anyway, it was not so difficult to write ‘cuz I was actually living it while writing it! Lol.

    @ Rakesh: Do you have any sympathy for fellow male or not! If at all scary, it was for me! She was the river!

    @ MGeek: Thanks! And am glad you liked the poem. 🙂 I don’t think there’s a need to ask if you could empathize! 😛

    TC, all of you!

  4. Now, this is an incredible revelation Ketan!! And mind you, I’m not making this comment out of any false sense of courtesy.
    “And away you meander leaving moist only one trace – that in my eyes”
    Just marvellous! Do keep penning more verse…
    And by the way, I am seriously beginning to envy you for being so VERSATILE. Came to know through the Orkut album that you are an artist as well. ‘Portrait of a certain Dr.Rajat Srivastava’. Well, well, well….watch out. The green-eyed monster is on the prowl 😉 🙂

    • Rohith,

      Welcome to my new blog! And I guess this is the first poem by me that you’ve read. 🙂 Thanks for all the praise. In Indian education scene (and more so the field of medicine), being ‘versatile’ = ‘lacking focus’. 😦

      Hope, you find the time to read my other poems. 🙂

      Take care.

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