Dog’s death…animal lovers will approve

This is my first attempt at 55 fiction. To briefly see the conditions of 55 Fiction, see the side panel.


Don’t you stare, Moti.
It’s not my fault. You made me mad. You resisted.
You didn’t have to whine like dog that you anyway are [sobs]…Were.
This knife was not to scrape your heart; just cut your leg…only one for today. But you resisted.

Hey mom, up there? Happy? Rajesh Motilal Patil…orphaned?

*Moti is a name commonly given to pet dogs in India.

*In some parts of India, people use thier complete name, like First name Father’s name Surname.

22 thoughts on “Dog’s death…animal lovers will approve

  1. Yeah, I thought you’d like this.

    Now don’t get morally elevated and all that! Have been studying. Like my parents you just need an excuse to scold me, so that I don’t scold you first? Re: getting laid: I’m pretty laid-back anyway.

    You’d like to do 55-fiction?


  2. Hi Nitesh!

    Well, I thought all the facts in the plot were pretty apparent. It’s not that 55-fiction is supposed to be mysterious. Rather to the contrary, it’s supposed to have a resolution.

    Loni-ite, LOL. A true-blue Loni-ite was also supposed to gather that Rajesh was simply intoxicated by all that formalin in the dissection hall! Did you get that?

    Anyway, welcome to my blog! TC.

  3. ok…ill try one 55fiction…
    the last of the superheroes.
    he is drinking beer when his son walks in. he says – son, its time for you to fly. but father, i cant fly! i cant fly! tears runs down his cheek as he thinks – im the last of the superhereos. he doesnt want to fly. how stupid i look wearing my underwear over my tights!

  4. hey, this 55 fiction isnt that bad…i thought of so many new ideas…its like ekta kapoor’s serials..think of a one line story (but dont make 1000 fucking episodes on it!)

  5. Aniket,

    Welcome to the blog. Thanks! What exactly are you referring to as disclaimer? “animal lovers will approve”, or the info about Moti as name of set dogs and the use of complete name?

    You could go through other 55ers. which are not as sinister, though. Other posts are on the analytical side.


  6. I meant the info that moti as a name…

    But I understand that it was necessary to establish a clear understanding. Its one of thse necessary evils. 🙂

  7. Yes, I felt any nonIndia would be at loss if not given that kind of background. Though, no nonIndian actually seems to have read the 55ers 😉 Also, North Indians don’t use their complete name that way. TC.

  8. WOW! this is amazing! though I agree that the info about the use of the word “moti” did give it away but it was a very powerfull piece non the less.

  9. Kapila, thanks!

    Well, now I’ve put that small note at the end of the 55er hoping it doesn’t spoil the suspense for future readers, if any!

  10. OH My God.

    If I were rude enough, I’d say “What is WRONG with you?”

    This, as you say, is really, really…Dark.
    What was your inspiration, I’d like to know.

  11. Srishti,

    Glad you liked(?!) it.

    I’ve always maintained fiction is as much admirable as based on imagination, rather than reality. And thus, this work is one I’m most proud of. I’ve not seen this kind of cruelty ever. So, it’s entirely imaginary. Though, overall content-wise this story is total crap.

    Such work stems from the awareness of power of (ab)use of words.

    I’d tried to play on the mind of the reader. First, to make the reader convinced that a dog was killed. The killing was described clinically. I wasn’t explicit. I left the imagination part of cutting of dog’s leg to the reader ‘cuz I know reader’s imaginative visualization of the knife gradually cutting through the leg cannot be rivaled by my description. In many other such stories I read things like ‘200 mL blood was splattered’, etc., which rather serves to limit the reader’s imagination. Then one more device used is gradual escalation of brutality. First, cutting of leg, then indicating that the protagonist’s plan was much more sinister. Cutting one leg, then next on another day!

    But of course, the final stroke was to reveal that one killed was not dog, but the protagonist’s father. The protagonist had feelings of hatred, regret, redemption–all at the same time. Then, if the reader would have the remembrance of the title of the story–that would be one more shock–that a dog was not killed!

    But of course, the greatest challenge is 55 words!

    So, writing these stories doesn’t require any real world inspiration. Rather, what it requires is to know how the reader’s mind works, and what effect certain words can have.

    Whereas in ‘bad timing’ I didn’t want to portray any physical violence. It was also cruel, but cruelty was of different nature. For someone in deep trouble, the most fortunate thing could be hope. The protagonist sees hope in immense love Anjali had conveyed in her first love letter. But, the most cruel thing that can happen is irreversible crushing of that very hope, and that’s what I did by killing (the character of) Anjali. All this happens in light of protagonist regaining (rather than feeling it for the first time) infinite love for her. That’s what results in impact. So, I write 55ers keeping the reader’s psyche in mind, whereas, works like ‘residua’, poems like ‘duel’ are written purely with what I have in mind.

    Hope all this helps if you decide to write fiction someday (it’s high time!) 😉


    PS: Thanks for the compliment!

  12. TUIB,

    You were “made” to believe, huh?

    See, you’re turning prejudiced about my tastes. 😛 And, hence the suprise! 😉

    Happy prejudicing 😉


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