Shilpi: Gimme your English notebook. Quick! Couldn’t do my homework. How much time’s there?
Alka: Five min!
Shilpi: My God!

Ten min later…

Shilpi: Phew! Just completed!
Alka: [Thinking] What shabby handwriting! You get ‘FAIR’. I get three stars. Wow!

Teacher [Gasping]: Sorry, got late. We’ll directly begin our lesson. No homework-correction for today!

Thanks Rajat for inputs!

5 thoughts on “Star-struck

  1. More 55ers are likely to follow, but not very frequently. Just wanted to challenge myself as I tend to write very lengthy sentences. This is seriously not my kind of fiction. Do you come back and read the replies to your comments?

  2. BTW, Shilpi’s handwriting turned out bad because she was completing her work in a hurry. I thought that should’ve been pretty clear to the reader 😦 How much could be included in 55 words.


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