My Favorite Blogs-II: Updated on 14th September, 2009

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I had been thinking of updating this post since long, but unfortunately, could not find sufficient time. I’m retaining all the original blogs, and would be highlighting the newly added ones with bold and underlined numbering. But what worries me is that almost all the blogs, except one that I had included in my list the last time have become dormant! I hope that does not happen with the current crop of blogs. Though this list might seem pretty large, actually the number of blogs I’m enlisting is very small, because I’m sure I must have not gone through less than 1000 blogs in this much time. So, well my selection ratio still stands at more stringent than 1 in 50! There a few blogs I do not even go through, if I find their bloggers’ comments too frivolous, shallow and insincere very frequently. So, am I trying to imply that I’m some sort of master judge of blogs and their bloggers, and that is is a privilege for some blogger to find their blog on this list? No, just that this post and the above statistics are my way of letting them know, that as far as my blog-life goes (which has incidentally become a very important portion of my ‘real life’), I value them a lot. Rest of what follows is my old post and the updates.

Also, I am sure, I cannot do justice to what the individual blogs and bloggers stand for. Each blog is an amalgamation of ideas, words and emotions that go into evolution of any blog. And no doubt, they also stand for the person that the blogger is. Best way to read this post, of course, is to click on the links that I provide. 🙂


As time passes, a few more might be added to the list.

Except for the first one, sequence in which I mention blogs bear no relation with the degree to which I admire them/their blog.

1. GS’ Beats by G. Saimikundhan. I had come across this blog when I was experiencing a weird kind of low. A low I can’t completely explain. A low of how the world is full of people I can’t remotely respect, and could easily hold in contempt. Totally bereft of people I could look up to. And in midst of such low, did I come across this blog. I had felt an instant connection. As if I would never need to explain myself. And everything I speak would be taken exactly as what was meant to be conveyed. The posts are products of such honesty, such clarity, intelligence and boldness, that I had actually thought, how this person fit my criteria for worship (click) when I had ironically declared how it might be impossible that I ever come across such a person!

When I’d finished my post on worship, I felt, the simplest thing I’d tell to one I worship would be “Wow! You exist!”. And that’s what I’d even today like to tell Saimukundhan. Thanks for being there!

With a few more exchanges, I found a few differences in our opinion and outlook, which have something to do with my being (maybe) more cynical, and I felt Saimukundhan has maybe something to learn about this world (which I’ve already learned!), and well he was dropped from that mental pedestal, but not far below, just ever so slightly. Some might feel, I admired him only till his views were identical to mine, but no that’s not the case. I have admired him, and still do, for providing me with a few answers that I did not have.

But that’s not all. Every post will make you think. And if you’re in no mood to think, he also has some of the whackiest posts for you.

2. A Mother’s A Musings… by Newbie Mommy. A blog that had just awed me, especially my writing nonskills(!) Replete with emotions–all true and genuine, wisdom, humor, wit, regrets, hopes. It was like meeting a person and not merely reading a blog. Again, I felt an instant connection. Things like needless modesty and circuitous explanations had become total nonissues. Though I wish Newbie Mommy would deliver more often 🙂 I mean the posts. 😉

3. Mad Medicine: A Dr’s dose of mayhem by Dr. S. Dr. S is a community doctor in South Africa. She has a very witty style of writing–mostly dealing with experiences at her extremely busy and taxing community practice. Her blogs span a very wide spectrum of human emotions, from witty, sarcastic, insane to most poignantly emotionally wrecking that have left me speechless. How she maintains her commitment to her practice, and preserves sympathy for her patients are matters of wonder. And I truly admire her for that

4. Frustration is just the beginning of medicine by deluded. A blog by a medical student who can easily surprise you by putting a most insanely intelligently humorous blog one day, and insanely emotional, the next.

5. Life – Just this and that by Just Me. This blog was a total surprise. Discovering it was nothing less than discovering a treasure; neglected treasure, if I may, and nothing less than a serendipity. I might end up doing injustice to her ability to write in various forms by venturing to state that her specialty is poetry. But then, that’s what had impressed me the most about her blog. Poetry. She writes effortless poetry. The effort of juggling words around is never visible, maybe she doesn’t need to juggle around. All the aspects–construct, poetic effects, meaning and content–come together to form nothing less than poetic monuments.

6. I loved three men called Pablo. by Tangled up in blue…. A blog I discovered very recently, and yet am including it in this list must be sufficient to convey how impressed I am with her writing. Oh yes, by the way, Tangled up in blue… is a medical student. Her blog has it all–poetry, stories, diary-like entries(!) and analytical posts touching upon issues of philosophical, political and social importance. Not to mention, her rich vocabulary, making me seek assistance of dictionary not too infrequently 😉

7. On The River Bank by Manu Sebastian. Manu is a law student! This blog is a collection of short stories. And, at an age of just 20, Manu has learned so much about people, the human nature, their interactions, their dreams, aspirations, their predicaments, their foolish confident convictions. And these wonderful characters, apart from existing in his stories, interact in mundane to most unusual circumstances. I see signs of a great writer in making. Or shall I say, a writer well made, and not recognized for many reasons, not in the least, one being distraction by his studies!


8. A Monk In Hot Water by Bullshee. Bullshee’s posts are one of the most hilarious I’ve read on the blogosphere. The adeptness with which he moves from the philosophical to the outrightly nonsensical is totally awe-inspiring. Also, his English is one of the finest I’ve seen among Indian bloggers. But, if you will take enough effort to go through his most of the posts, you’ll realize, behind that frivolous facade resides a mind that has been enriched by a wide variety of experiences, and inundated by most honest doubts about people and life. And he, also has answers to few of them!

9. ANONYMOUS LIFE by Sioneve. This is a blog I’d discovered just about two weeks back. Sioneve largely chronicles her life as an immigrant child staying in Australia. Her posts (or snapshots as she calls them) describe the events that have stayed with her into her adulthood. The various struggles of trying to fit in the new society, and the pressures exerted by her parents to make her conform to their idea of a ‘good girl’ are truly evocative. I love the fact that she does not try to force emotions into her experiences, not trying to extract sympathy. The 12 year-old-girl that she is now on her blog is most endearing. You can actually feel you’re growing up with a girl withstanding her intelligence, and the painful understanding about the world that it brings with it, serving as catalyst for her growing up too fast.

10. Blessed Be This Nightmare by Kapila Pande. Kapila is not very active in blogging these days. Her specialty according to me is irreverent sarcasm and ridiculing of things she does not like. But there’s one more thing that had totally impressed me–her poetry. The vivid imagery, and the symbolism she is able to incorporate in it!

One of her linguistic experiments that had showed really striking results was to combine urban lingua franca with archaic words. Well, no doubt, my analysis cannot do justice to the wonder that her writing is! So, enjoy!

11. Blogus Innominata by mgeek. Mgeek is a very intelligent blogger coming up with many ideas that would fall in the domain of lateral thinking. When I use this term lateral thinking, it is not with an intent of ridicule, but rather indicates a certain comfort that clarity of one’s perceptions of the concerned phenomena gives rise to. Without this comfort, no one can come up with coherent ideas not thought before by others. And he does that with some regularity. Again, constrained by his busy life, his blog-life is not very active. But I would recommend the readers to try to go through a list of blogs labeled ‘Good Ones’ in his blog’s sidebar.

12. Short fiction and long opinion by John Matthew. John’s blog consists largely of Short Memorable Stories (SMS), and some essays outlining his take on various aspects of life, people and India.

His stories fall in that genre of mystical. They are abrupt, totally unpredictable, and follow their own system of logic. But a logic, indeed they follow. His essays are very perspicuous, reflecting five decades of having lived in this world, and silently observing everything.

13. Located in Dubai but Heart in India by Rakesh. Rakesh, as the title of his blog states, is still rooted in India, and this his posts clearly show. In some ways, he is more connected to India that even me! Most of his posts deal with the small, funny, smile-inducing things in his life and family. Occasionally though, he does come up with his peeves on how India is turning out. But the most interesting aspect of his blog is his replies that follow.

14. Narcissist by Sowmya. This is one of the most fiercely individualistic blogs that I’ve found on the blgosphere. By which I mean, of all the posts that I have gone through, not a single fellow human being from her life finds a mention! Sowmya has this amazing ability to transform sights, sounds, and everything that goes into making a shower of sensations an experience, into words and pictures. Her posts make you feel you’re taking a walk on a winding path along with her thoughts!

She is very well-read, and some of her posts are reviews of books and lyrics she had liked.

15. RAIN by Rohith Ramdas. Rohith is the finest fiction writer I have seen on the entire blogosphere. He is just six posts old as I write this, and yet, I’m totally mesmerized by his writing!

He has a total way with words. His vast vocabulary is awe-inspiring. But more important, the characters in his fiction can be any random person–you or me! Well, that’s only about recognizing the traces of common people we find all around in what he writes. The way he injects reality into his characters makes the reader wonder if it is fiction they are reading or some of their own experience they are recalling! His honest commentary on the state of the world masquerading as symbolism is most elegant.

16. [Insert a new name every fortnight] 😛 by [Insert another new name every fortnight, but one week out of phase with the ‘other’ fortnight] 😛 But for simplicity, you could call her Garima Dipti 😛. Garima is really good at dissecting complex human actions into the individual emotions that drive them. And what impresses me in her posts is the detailed imagery. What is commendable about her weave of words is that they try to capture the domain of fantasy. Things that do not exist in ‘our’ world, and yet, she makes them sound believable.

Occasionally, of course, she comes up with ramblings of her own (entertaining-for-the-reader-but-not-so-much-for-herself) life!

17. The Little Ranting Reptile and Other Stories…. by Stupidosaur. Stupidosaur is easily the most intelligent person (lizard??) I’ve known in my entire life–both online and offline. I will not be exaggerating if I state that I feel lucky to have got to interact with him to whatever little degree I could through his posts, and his comments on mine.

It seems weird to say this so prematurely, but again to whatever degree I know him, he is only the second blogger I know who comes close to my idea of worship (click) because he fulfills some of the criteria there!

Okay, let me not ramble about what I think about him. His blog consists of small observations of everyday events in his life. What makes his posts wonderful is the clarity with which he makes those observations, and ease with which he twists words, logic, and churns out conclusions that are irresistibly delicious to smile at. Sometimes, of course, he makes very keen and surprisingly accurate observations about us, human beings!

The thoroughness with which he resolves phenomena into component driving forces has left me agape on too many occasions.

Of course, many readers would not be able to make out that some of his posts and comments make slanted references to our own lives, but even for them, his play with words would be most entertaining.

18. The Quirky Indian by Quirky Indian. A blog with some of the funniest observations about Indians. Just like how he has stated on his blog, his being dispassionate as against blindly nationalist, makes him observe things about India with utmost honesty, which have resulted in some of the most thought-provoking posts as to where does India stand as a nation and is headed. Mind you, if my description makes his blog seem uninviting, that’s entirely my inability of conveying how wonderful his blog is. It’s most entertaining, guaranteed!

19. Tumultuous Suspension by Tumultuous Suspension. Tumultuous Suspension is an astute observer of life and people. Her posts are a culmination of her emotions and wisdom working in concert.

Her blog has a variety of posts–poetry, memoirs, and observations in her own life, and the lessons she learned from them dressed really well as funny, nonsensical musings.

Rationalist/Analytical Blogs.

Some of the above bloggers are atheist/skeptics, but am including the following blogs as a separate category for one simple reason that they deal almost exclusively with issues integrally connected to religion, dogma and rationalism. Wonderful writers, no doubt these bloggers are, but by neglecting to touch upon their own personal lives or other aspects, the scope of their blogs becomes somewhat narrow for those interested in merely lighter topics. Though, I truly wish they start writing on other lines, too.

1. Atheism: Proving The Negative by Matt McCormick. This blog is a very systematic compilation of almost all the possible arguments for and against theism. Posts also deal with social, political and economic implications of religiosity. The reader will also find some interesting experiments related largely to human psychology. He is a Professor of Philosophy.

2. Nitwit Nastik by Nitwit Nastik. A good compilation of articles related to atheism, religious extremism, superstition. Basically, everything rationalist. Some articles will also increase the reader’s general knowledge, in particular, popular science.

3. The Man on the Couch by The Couch Clown. This is a budding blog, with lot of potential. The blogger, a law student has a very incisive writing style and meticulous dissection of complex issues who has up till now largely dealt with issues relevant to irrationality in India. Hope to see more frequent posts from him.

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48 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogs-II: Updated on 14th September, 2009

  1. Feels weird, but feels good. Nice to note that the respect has been mutual.

    Strange it may sound, but true it is. I was wondering couple of days before – when am I going to think of things at your level, admiring at the same time, the meticulous manner in which you articulate your thoughts on universally accepted tangible things (your subject / domain) to communicate ideas to non-experts on the same like me (btw, did you throw the coconut at me?!), and the so called (by me) intangibles in life.

    Expression of gratitude would be to make a mockery of your intentions in this post, and rob its honesty and take me further from the mental pedestal, failure to acknowledge would also be inappropriate.

    Cheers and Regards

    G Saimukundhan

  2. Saimukundhan,

    “My level”?

    Well, had I considered mine to be at same level as yours, I wouldn’t have written what I wrote in the post.

    With regard to my manner of expression, I believe, I put in a lot of effort to be precise, for precision is what I’ve come to admire in my life more than sensationalism. If I try it, I think I can come up with extreme stuff–my poem–‘Desert river in a sinister spring’ and 55er–‘Dog’s death’, but to be honest, I find them besides the point, in particular, the latter post, where I’d nothing really to convey.

    My style of writing also shows up as labored, and therefore, not many must be finding it appealing.

    But one thing I’m happy about is I’ve not tried to be populist in my comments as well as posts. Not that it’s very tempting, but ever so slightly 🙂

    Coconut? I’d thrown coconuts! How else do you hope to drink 100 mL coconut oil, otherwise? 😉

    Am just glad that this post was not met with indifference on your part. Rest all is immaterial.

    BTW, I’ve made some mistake with html markup. Will correct it tomorrow. But more important, if time permits, do visit other blogs I’ve mentioned, and if you could get I mean, quality of writing has not been the only criterion.


  3. Wow! Thank you. I feel so great that u mentioned my blog and also that u’ve read such prodigious portions of it! 🙂

    I think its great idea to do Must-read blogs too..i know quite a few myself..

    and i checked out the wiki article u wrote on polyclonal B cell response..

    wow, its really neat..u wrote all of that..really wow!

    and thanks again! 🙂 it has me beaming ear to ear!

  4. TUIB,

    Believe me, you write that well.

    Thanks for seeing the article. Well, I only made quite a few images for the article.

    Would love to see your list of favorite blogs.


  5. You would not be alone in this world when you say that you worship Mr Saimukundhan(even if you had meant it literally). I really do not know if you have met him, but if you havent you have missed an icon living. And my first real correspondence with sir also ended with me saying to him “Wow i have never interfaced so well with any person like this before.” The Vibe was just amazing.

    And i have no fear nor regret in proclaiming that i greatly respect and adore GSM Sir and i like him the way he is.. So you v got a competitor in me mate, when you say you like this guy, coz i like him even more…

  6. Hi me!

    Welcome to the blog!

    I’m somewhat amazed at my own intuition. That your this comment on my blog (incidentally, the first one) didn’t come as a complete suprise! But well, that’s more an indication of how much it’s apparent through your comments and blog that you like him, rather than how good my intuition is. Competition? It can arise only if there’s some conflict of interest. Is there any between you and me? 😉

    ‘G’-pull also follows an inverse square-law, so considering you live in Chennai, and I, well somewhere else, no doubt you’re going to like him more than I do. And for same reason, I’m no match for you. Even if you decide to keep him in your pocket (he’s GSM afterall 🙂 ), I’ll surely and sorely miss him, but won’t be able to do anything about it.

    Yes, I’ve never had the fortune to meet him. Would certainly like to, but have no specifce plans in that direction.

    Take care.

  7. Well, what can I say except that I am EXTREMELY flattered. I most certainly didn’t expect to be on your favourites list, seeing as I’ve only just joined the “blogosphere”.

    Thank you for your constant encouragement and comments! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my posts, and you are definitely my most avid reader!

    I must say that your posts are sometimes so philospophical it takes me a few reads to process them. And then I’m usually caught up having arguments with myself about the issues – playing both sides of the debate. I guess this is the mark of a good writer – someone who forces the reader to think.

    Perhaps, when I’m a grown up I will also examine the world in this way? 😉

    Once again, thank you for the praise and insights…

  8. Dr. S,

    Thanks! And of course, you write really well! I must have visited at least 300 different blogs in last 3 months, and yet I’ve come up with that short a list.

    One could call me biased. One of the criteria in including those blogs has been honesty, and sincerity in what’s written. What impresses me most is when someone is most open to acknowledging a mistake or a deficiency.

    Though not to deflate your gladness at your blog being included, I’d like to add, I might not have the best of tastes 😉

    With regard to your debating with yourself on reading what I write, there are two possibilities–either what I’d have written wouldn’t be convincing enough (hence, leaving a margin for ‘debate’)–either because of my not expressing the thought well enough or the idea itself lacking the requisite appeal, OR, your possessing an idea more logically appealing. In either cases, it’d be really nice to put across your points. In particular, my posts involving philosophy–I’d learn to hear from you as I consider your thought processes to be fairly evolved.

    You’re fairly grown up (three years older than me 😉 ), and in some of your posts I felt you’d a whole lot to say about mankind, people, society, religion, established practices, but never actually articulated for lack of time owing to your busy work schedule, or fear of hurting others’ emotions. But I, for one, would certainly to love to read about all that, too.

    You might try visiting the other blogs. They’re good, to say the least, though my taste is not that good :p

    And how’s your husband’s ear?

    Don’t hit me reading my response to your comments there. Please. 😦


  9. Np Conflict of interests, enthusiasm may be …
    And you do not know him well if u think he could be contained, literally and figuratively..
    And i do apologize for not being a frequent visitor, i am one of those lot who trick themselves into believing that they have very little time in their hands..
    Will surely visit more once i get myself out of that thought vortex..
    Till then Take Care..

  10. me…,

    To determine whether Saimukundhan could be contained or not I’ll have to know him as well as you well enough. And I can claim to know neither of you well enough, maybe Sai just a bit better than you. However, I’m quite content with the prospect of knowing him gradually. But of course, I know you won’t try anything like putting him in your pocket. I was trying to illustrate how limited I am in my reasons and ability to show affection towards him.

    I’m sorry, when I referred to “your comments and blog” in my prior comment, I couldn’t make it clear enough that I’d meant your comments on Sai and other people’s blogs and not your on this post.

    I perfectly understand that you’ll comment only on those issues that interest you, so no wonder you chose to comment on this one. I’d be glad if in coming days, something else too that I blog on captures your attention as I’ve been impressed by your ability to narrate.


  11. Hello Mumbai Diva!

    Welcome to the blog, and thanks for dropping by!

    Yes, the tone of the blogs I’ve mentioned and the issues they touch upon are appreciably different from what I found on yours. But hope you enjoy them for precisely the same reason! 😉

    Take care.

  12. Thanks for the list- and for including me in it ;). This one’s an unexpected honour. Nice to know my admiration is reciprocated.

    One thing though- I don’t blog just about atheism related topics- my first two posts are about different themes altogether. Also, there will be posts on other topics in the future too.

    Cheers, TCC

  13. TCC,

    Yes you’re correct that your blog doesn’t relate only to atheism. I’m planning to change that title to ‘Analytical/Rationalist blogs’ instead of ‘Atheist blogs’. I’d prepared the draft for that post in real hurry, and maybe haven’t been able to do full justice to descriptions of the individual blogs. But if the point you raise is about your blog being classified under a different category, then, I’d like to point out there’s something fundamentally very different about the last three blogs from the ones mentioned above them. I’m not able to verbalize that perceived difference accurately enough, but it’s got to do with not dealing with intense human emotion–either in first person or third. Which is not to mean, I like those three blogs any less, but felt they deserved a position of their own. And sorry, I won’t term liking a particular cinema hall’s sandwich as emotion in first person (though, it actually is!).

    Your blog will ‘graduate’ to the ‘uncategorized category’, if you for instance, write even a single piece of poetry. Now, this is more of an incentive than a suggestion from me 😉 and also an elaborate conspiracy to make you reveal your full range of literary skills. 🙂

    BTW, I read ‘Durban review’ and the review of the Marathi movie yet again, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading those.

    In your course, is there any subject that exclusively deals with logic/philosophy, which would make one a better ‘argument-er’? You might like the blog–‘Atheism: Proving the negative’. It’s the best organized blog I’ve seen up till now on the Net.


  14. All right, fine, I’ll write some poetry, but I take no responsiblity for any subsequent projectile vomiting- you have only yourself to blame. I do write fiction, though not of the 55-er sort. I plan to write a historical fiction short story or two for the blog. The day after tomorrow, I’m leaving for a fortnight’s vacation to eastern Europe, so all this is for after I return. Of course, I’ll write about Europe, too.

    The Mumbai University 5 year Law course has two semesters of of logic, which includes both symbolic and theoretical aspects of the subjects. It’s a fun subject to study : I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the theory part that dealt with fallacies et al.

  15. TCC,

    Don’t worry about projectile vomiting. Actually, I also don’t enjoy doing 55ers at all–especially the word limit. But then if I don’t respect it, I won’t know where to stop!

    I’ve done a short story (actually a novelette by Wikipedia’s definition–11500 words) called ‘Residua’. You’ll find it among older posts or with the label–‘short story’, but for this one am almost sure of your projectile vomiting.

    I’ve also posted three poems.

    Anyway, wish you a happy vacation!


  16. Hey Ketan, I must say I am very flattered and embarrassed at this inclusion. Thanks a lot. I never hoped to figure in someone’s fav list but thanks for the honor. The respect is mutual. Your blog is also something I enjoy reading although I don’t always get to it in time.

    As for the others in the list, I will definitely have to find time to go through them. So thanks for the list.

  17. Hi Nitwit!

    Thanks for finding the time and commenting, and sorry for terming your blog’s scope very narrow! But I believe that’s how things stand.

    Actually, yours is a very popular blog. I think it’s the most popular atheist blog by an Indian. Okay, okay, I know it sounds like how once a Bhangra pop group had identified itself in India–‘the number one Bhangra pop group in London’! I wish more Indian atheists would come out and identify themselves, and not feel guilty ashamed and fearful about it. The last inhibition is the most difficult to overcome, and owing to it, even my blog assumes a very placid tone. To that end I really appreciate your overcoming your apathy (that’s what I experience, to be honest, towards world problems ‘cuz I feel at certain level it’s our own, i.e., mankind’s doing) towards the situation, and taking initiatives and encouraging readers to come forward with their skepticism. Though I also believe, if one assumes too aggressive a tone, the reader stops reading and the listener stops listening!

    Sorry to digress. If you find time, I thought you’d enjoy this post, but hadn’t recommended considering your not finding time–‘Are (a few) religious leaders atheists?’

    Wish you a great day!


  18. Well, i really am short of words at the moment..So i guess, for the moment i’ll just say Thank You 🙂 Its always been interesting to hear your comments/feedback on my posts and i look forward to more of those…

  19. Just me,

    I’d never concealed from you how much had I loved your writing. But was never sure, if could convey the sincerity behind my praise. Though to prove my sincerity was not the motive of this post, I’m happy, now you’d know with greater confidence that I love your poetry.

    The foremost motive was to make my blog-friends aware of some other great blogs. None of the bloggers are ‘celebrated’ bloggers, so to say, and would be happy, if some of them appreciate others’ blogs on the list.

    But to be honest, in your case, I was apprehensive that you might get somewhat irritated for my increasing chamber of other people visiting the extremely private space that your blog is. Relieved, you didn’t shout at me. 🙂


  20. Wow! You seem to have discovered some real cool blogs in these past weeks..wish I cud check them all out in one go, but exams begin this coming week..wont be very active in my ‘blog-life’ for a while either..

    cya later! Au revoir! 🙂

  21. Thanks TUIB for dropping by!

    Yes indeed, as far as I see, these are some wonderful blogs. Unfortunately (or rather inherently so) pretty much obscure.

    Do well in the exams! You’ll have all the time to explore these blogs. Of course, you know a few of them. So, some time saved there. 🙂

    All the best!


  22. Thanks for the ‘worship’, though I haven’t yet tasted the prasad of that worship post. Is it juicy mosquitoes? 🙂 Or even better ?

    Anyways thought you might enjoy this to some extent:

    A blog I found and read end to end yesterday in spite of being busy LMAO. Oops typo! Of course, only as break in between LMAO. Oops typo!

    As you will realize, its not written by any baby, or her puppy (obviously!) or her papa for that matter. Satirical, funny, intelligent and varied.

  23. Thanks Stupidosaur for acknowledging this post! It indeed is a pleasant (but not so much of a) surprise that you did! You might not be that tyrannical after all! Maybe, a bit moody, quirky or unpredictable as far as I see, or maybe, I’ll get to know you better with time (and, vice versa). It’d be weird to say this, but thanks! 🙂

    You mean, you’ve not read the post on ‘worship’, yet? If not, do also read the first two comments on the post, otherwise the post might not make complete sense.

    But as such deities don’t actually taste prasad! Hope you’re not beyond these small pleasures of life like being offered prasad! 😛


  24. Thanks Ketan. I must admit here that one of the most important factor inspiring me to post interesting viewpoints is the insightful and thought-provoking ensemble of comments from YOU – and you deserve full credit for that 🙂

    Keep posting good stuff (I know abt ur hiatus, but still 🙂 )

  25. What you say MGeek itself is a compliment! Thanks! But I too wish to see you here more often, of course, if you find time. 🙂 The labels might help you know posts of your taste. But you’d mostly find my posts labeled ‘philosophy’ interesting.

    You’re in your final year or doing your internship? What are your career plans, if into internship? You can email me at if you find it discomforting to answer here.


  26. Ketan, I am honoured to be part of this list. It’s always nice to know that people appreciate one’s efforts, and to call my posts ‘thought-provoking’ as well as ‘entertaining’ is flattering. And coming from a blogger who writes with a great deal of honesty, even more so.

    I have a lot of blogs to explore now.


    Quirky Indian

  27. @ Ketan: Well, all I can say is a big Thank YOU for mentioning my blog on this this super awesome, jaw-falling, writers’ blogs. And thank you for taking the time out in all these months of my blogger existence to go through my stories, understand, interpret, and leave your thoughts on them.
    In the past, we know we haven’t agreed on some aspects of our understanding of life, BUT, I am deeply appreciative of the effort you do take to give me a peek into your kind of thinking.

    Thank you much! Cheers!

  28. Dear Ketan,
    Have you seen Kabir Khan’s(SRK) reaction at his hockey team’s world cup win, in the movie Chak De! India? Overwhelmed by emotions. Well, precisely that was what I went through when I came to know about what you thought of my writings. I hope this conveys what it means to me.

    Taking a quick glance at some of the blog mentioned in your list, I see new vistas being opened before me in the blogosphere.
    Let me sum up by resorting to that cliche ‘Thank You, Thank You & Thank You’

  29. @ Quirky Indian:

    Most definitely, I’ve enjoyed your posts. Thanks for considering me an honest blogger. Believe me, that’s one of the best compliments I could’ve received. I seriously hope you go through other blogs and find them interesting! 🙂

    @ Tumultuous Suspension:

    Coincidentally, it has so happened that we’d discussed our differences in opinion too long. We, by nature, always tend to pay much greater attention to differences rather than the similarities. Similarities are boring, right? For instance, we must be sharing the same species of commensal bacteria on our various body-parts, but that’s a boring piece of fact! Don’t blame me for cracking distracting jokes in midst of ‘serious talk’–I’ve learnt it only from you (but, mine aren’t as entertaining) 😛 If we sit someday (figuratively, of course), we’ll get exhausted counting things on which we agree! 🙂

    And how do you call the above blogs jaw-drop-inducing without actually going through them? 😉

    @ Rohith:

    I’d watched Chak de in parts, and not with much interest, but yes, I remember that part, and can understand how you must feel. But honestly, I’m not the best judge of fiction! In fact, I’ve read very little.

    But to ‘deepen’ the compliment, when I used the term ‘best’ in your context, I actually paused for a moment to develop sufficient conviction in what I was to type. And am satisfied to let you know that I’m sure of that. 🙂 I don’t use words, especially superlatives, lightly. 🙂

    But yes, it’s entirely possible that my criteria for judging fiction could be different from vast ‘majority’s’. You could gain some insight into my taste in fiction from ‘my favorite books’ in my profile.

    And I do have a small complaint, you’ve not commented on any of my fiction. The latest one–‘Flickering lights’ is purely with an intent to manipulate the mind of the reader, and sort of ‘practice’ in portraying body language and developing a plot. It does not contain much of what I think about the world and people. My prior and first story–‘Residua’ very much does contain my convictions, apprehensions and doubts about some aspects of my life.

    Also, I don’t like it when people talk of ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ as cliches. At least, I don’t consider them that. They might be used quite perfunctorily, but doesn’t make the feelings behind them any shallow when present. 🙂 Afterall then, all words with fixed meanings would be cliches, RAIN, for example. 😉


  30. Thanks Ketan for all the nice words. I feel honoured and flattered. But you are not right in saying that not a single fellow human being finds a mention in my writing. You havent read all the posts… some of my posts are inspired fully by some friends of mine… But thanks anyway…

  31. Hey wow!! thanks 😀

    Feel kinda honoured. to be in list of favorite blogs of a good writer. 🙂

    Especially when I feel sure that my writing is so messy. Toh this is encouraging that someone might like it.

    Thanks again.

    and yea, Nice review. Loved it. hahaha…
    As I had said it- You are a wit!


  32. Spark Star,

    Thanks for calling me a good writer! Though you must be wondering at the freakiness of a few things I write! 😉

    And you’ve diluted my praise for you by stating someone might like your writing. I’ve prepared this list only after feeling very intensely for each of the bloggers I’ve included that I owe them conveying of my admiration and gratitude, alike (sic).

    And yes, keep blogging!


  33. My dear Vishwas…the first rule of planning to murder someone is to NOT broadcast it on their blog!! The insanity plea will not stand up in a court of law!!! 😉

  34. Ketan! First, this is long overdue but thank you for the words and yes, I wish all too often, that I could deliver more and better 🙂
    But nonetheless, I try.
    Here’s wishing you the best-est through your exams and do keep in touch.
    Adios my boy

  35. @ Vishwas: I knew your CBI agents would be inadequate for such jobs, and you’ll have to accomplish that job yourself. But then usually the boss is also as incompetent as the employee! So, I think I’m pretty safe for now! 😛

    Also, had I linked your blog, would my naive readers not discover the source of ‘inspiration’ for my posts? 😛

    On a serious note, I’d not included your blog only ‘cuz you’d not posted anything in a very long time! And partly because all along I wanted to include your blog in my list, I was urging you to publish more posts! 😦

    @ Sioneve: Don’t you lend encouragement to Vishwas! Behind his facade of an innocent, nonviolent and naive person is a most sinister, cold-blooded-murderer soul! You know of all the respondents on my pink chaddis-post, he’s the only one who threatened me with pink chaddis, that too with polka dots on them. How cruel! 😦

    @Newbie Mommy: You’re most welcome. And our nation would be most grateful if you deliver more often ‘cuz it definitely looks forward to this kind of postulation explosion! 😉

  36. Lol Ketan I’m down with chest infection 😦 Thanks to the £$%^%$^$^$%^&$**”%!£^&^*(((%*%%^””$ roomies here! 😦 I’ve been coughing like mad I feel my lungs will just pop out and say “Dude please give us a break!”

    And the best thing is that these people think I’m faking it! Do you know how annoying that is! Anyway I’m hoping I live long enough to procreate! 😛

    Ketan I think you mean the opposite! How could you think I’m a murderer! Lol


  37. WDM,

    You’re most welcome! And I hope, you didn’t forget the original purpose of my referring you this post. 🙂

    You could more specifically see what I have written about G. Saimukundhan and Stupidosaur.

    Actually, I’m not finding time, otherwise, the list is wanting to experience another growth spurt. 🙂


    • Ok Got it. You changed to WP too! Cool… What I said was that the way you write about me, it seems like you’re talking about some really nice guy. 🙂 Thanks…

      And I am not reading a lot of blogs these days. But I guess, I’ve to get through few in this list. Some of them sound really interesting.

      • Hi, Rakesh!

        Welcome to my new blog!

        It was somewhat rude on my part to have not replied to your comment on my blog roll, which was published on the Blogger blog itself, but that was out of laziness than anything else. 🙂

        This is the second time your blog is on my list, and as I had come to know you a bit better, I also did add a bit to the description of your blog and also you.

        You can find the latest version of the blog roll here:

        And needless to say, what I write here is what I feel quite sincerely. 🙂

        I wouldn’t usually classify people into nice or not nice, but apart from your sense of humor, intelligence, what I also very much like is the certain kind of honesty that needs courage.

        Sorry to rub it in! 😛

        Take care.

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