Yay, I got rich! :) Virtually :(

Read the notice, above? Now don’t think my resolve is weak. Except for bank balance, my nothing is weak, get it? Oh okay, maybe other balances also–mental, emotional, spiritual, se… oh no, let’s not get there, please?

But what happened totally warrants blogging.

I’d turned fairly cynical, not believing in the goodness of mankind or the existence of God, but just as the header above says, life had ways of telling me I was wrong–this time through email. But, the stubborn me kept on deleting all those mails. You see, I paid for it, or rather, did not get paid! 😦

Those Burkinabès from Burkina Faso, the kindest souls to exist (yess, essouls exist!), had been sending me money, with God only knows how many zeros (couldn’t count them). And all I thought was “Puny humans! Think I’m a fool?

But on getting a mail, which wasn’t from Burkina Faso, I instantly knew it was a God send! So what if the sender had ‘harm’ in its ID? Trust (Vishwas) is all that’s required. O:-)


ATM CARD payment center
Mon 14 Sep 2009 00:06 IST

A sum of (700,000 thousand
USD) have been credited to your
Address by ATM CARD payment
center Congrats…Confirm this
receipt by
contacting Mr Victor Harmfield.
+2348072237106 on

DECLARATION: I ________, hereby declare that the
information given above
is correct to the best of my

The message was scanned
for viruses and
dangerous content added by
OpenProtect (www.openprotect.com), and is
believed to be cleansing.


I’d promptly sent my details including bank account’s (otherwise how does anyone transfer money, huh?). Knowing money attracts money, to ensure they sent heaps of it, I deposited 20 k more rupees. But my balance hasn’t increased a single cent, yet 😦

Readers might think, my outlook is too ‘negative’ but now I think it was just an ‘electron’ic mail, after all 😦

Moral of the story: God/God’s email account do not existElectrons are negatively charged 😦

PS: Was is it you, Vishwas?

12 thoughts on “Yay, I got rich! :) Virtually :(

  1. PPS: To all readers of this post: Read the entire linked comment by Vishwas, to enjoy this post to the fullest. And beware! Don’t ever pay him any money, though you may *pay* his blog (click, but do not send him any money!) a visit, which though safe for your financial health, may not be entirely safe otherwise, especially if your lungs cannot afford some strenous exercises! 😉

    @ Vishwas: So did you finally get Rs. 20000/- ?

    PPPS: Don’t send any money to Vishwas!

  2. Hello pseudopseudointellectual (Mohit, am I right?)!

    Well, why would anyone take offence at being labeled the “kindest souls ever”? Or is it the stripping off of their bodies implicit in such usage that would offend them? And I’ve extolled thus, the kindness of only those who’d tried to make me richer through their emails. And for them I reserve my highest gratitude.

    But honestly, it’s embarrassing I got it all wrong. I did this post without any sort of research (despite the lurking trepidation), and now it shows. I’d come across way too many times on the net that they were Nigerians. Should’ve confirmed myself.

    I got even the spelling wrong. 😦

    Thanks a lot for pointing out my mistakes, and all the more, for doing it so gracefully (almost, artistically, shall I say?)! 🙂

    I’d read your comment on email, without knowing you’d sent the Wikipedia link, but I realized I must have screwed up big time from your tone! 😛 Anyway, Wikipedia is my primary source of information for most things.

    Now because of you, I know a bit more about that country, and how the country’s name turns out to be so ironic in light of emails we keep on getting! Might become a cause for some other joke (but, somewhere else 😉 )

    I also understand that those emails could be originating outside Burkina Faso, with don’t know what purpose. Don’t know if anyone responds to them in earnest.

    Thanks for dropping by, too!

    Take care.

    PS: Updated the post.

  3. You are so fucking stupid man!!!!!!!!! I totally hate you right now! Even I got a text message and I instantly knew it was a scam! Why the hell did you deposit 20k!!! Thank god you didn’t deposit 20m!!! Lol Oh my gawd I am so fucking hyper right now my BP is like 500/350 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL, Vishwas!

    You made me laugh, and I’m actually thankful for that. Was really pissed. Read my latest post. I’d to publish it today despite knowing I don’t have enough time for those things.

    So, you mean you didn’t get those 20k? 😦

  5. hahaha..
    My friend got a spam SMS. She knew that it was a spam. But the amount of money it promised made her nuts, n she hunted and explored every possibility that implied it was ‘real’.
    Ah the lust of money!!! 😛 😛

  6. Spark Star,

    I tell you lust for anything is bad. Or at least, so our age old Gurus would have us believe. See, how holier-than-thou one sounds on uttering sentences like the former! 😉

    But never mind, I’m the unholiest of them. Full of lust for erm… hmm… umm… say, comments on my blog! 😛

    Shit! I forgot to include ‘lottery’ in my post. And this is another reason I prefer my current email account. Do you not get such entertaining mails, or is it money that you do not lust after? 😉

    And what’s SMS? Spammed Money Sucker? How could your friend actually lust after money that too offered through cell phone? Or are you trying moral-of-the-story-kind-55-fiction in my comments’ space?

    Okay, whether in my space or yours, you’re welcome! 😉 For 55-fiction, that is.


    PS: You skipped for commenting my more recent, politically charged post?

  7. Sigh Ketan I’m so sorry if I embarrassed you! I just didn’t know if you actually lost money or not! I mean I didn’t mean to embarrass you !!! My frustrations still haven’t worn off! So I must have over reacted! 😦 And I’m so sorry once again!

    Vishwas 😦

  8. Arrey Vishwas, why’re we having communication failure here?

    ‘Embarrassing’ is a term I use rather loosely, and not necessarily negatively. I’d not lost any money! 🙂 I delete all the mails in like 1 min of seeing them! >:D

    And if ever in doubt, just see the labels at the end of the post! I’ve not used labels like ‘tragedy’, ‘dark’ or ‘suicide’. Oops! ‘Suicide’ is a label I’ve never used! Got to do something about it! 😉

    Anyway, I was actually pissed at the announcement of Novel Piss Prize, and your comments lightened up my mood! 🙂 Thanks!

    And why, what happened, you’re still not feeling completely well?


  9. Phew! Thank god! More than anything, I’m relieved you didn’t lose your money! If you did, then I’d hunt you down and bitch slap you and bitch slap you some more and steal all your possessions, leaving you in your pink polka dot chaddis and fly back! 😛 Lol

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