Extraordinarily Ordinary Post: stretching a ‘dabba’ phone to its limits!

This might be an ordinary-looking post, and the more ordinary it looks, the more extraordinary, in fact it is!

I use a simple Java-based phone (click) for web access to e.g., publish many blog-posts and comment on blogs.

Today however, I wanted to try Mail2blogger (click), a Blogger-service which enables users to simply email a blog-post to a specific address to get it published.

The whole affair is very simple till this point! But my complications begin now! Not a single browser on my phone fully supports Java script or flash (I hope I am getting the terminology right!) required to effect Rich text formatting (RTF) (click) to make characters, bold-faced or italicized, for example. So, the emails I send render only in plain text. Not just that, even submitting clickable links (click, what else!) would not be possible! The only email accounts I had been using were of Yahoo! and Gmail. Previously Yahoo! used to support viewing HTML source while editing, but that feature probably stands discontinued.

I use three mobile browsers–two versions (4.2 and 5.0 beta) of Opera mini (click), and Bolt (click) of late. Opera gives away the identity of my device as a phone, and thus Yahoo! by default allows me access only to their mobile service called Yahoo! Go, which does not support RTF. Whereas, Bolt supports the web-version of Yahoo! Mail, but not RTF! 😦

So I had to find an email service allowing me to input plain text with HTML markup, and yet rendering it in RTF. I found my savior in Rediff! 🙂

Also, I’d downloaded the .xml file of this template to upload it for another experimental blog (click) I just started. Also for the first time, I used blog-import and export features.

So finally, this post would be simultaneously published at the other blog also without my actually accessing Blogger–all from an ordinary phone! I just hope both the posts turn out ordinary enough!

14 thoughts on “Extraordinarily Ordinary Post: stretching a ‘dabba’ phone to its limits!

  1. Me too! I was also using the three browsers, and finally now using only Opera 5 on my, guess what, 810i, K instead of W.

    For a complete browser / java, I think you need a better OS, for which you need a better processor, so obviously a better phone.

    May be its time for an upgrade!


  2. Wow, all this sounds very complex..safe to say, I didnt understand most of this..

    If I did not have access to a PC or a lappie, I think I wud give up blogging altogether..

    scary thought!

    Hope they make this Mail2Blogger thing easier by then! 🙂

    Been a while since I’ve been here..feels kinda great!

  3. @ Sai:

    I’m quite suprised this post caught your attention! 🙂

    Yes, would like to upgrade. Maybe this time with HTC or something like Xperia, but that would have to wait till I get a PG seat *sigh* [not to be confused with ‘Sai’! 😉 ]!

    K810 looks amazing and has a much larger screen than w810. In fact K810 is a generation ahead of w810. It is K750 that corresponds with w810. 😦

    And I don’t think K810 would be an i ‘cuz ‘K’ also stands for camera! That’s what I think.

    You use phone to browse the net? 🙂 Didn’t know that. Bolt is also really good is some ways if you’ve an unlimited data plan, like I have of Aircel. What were the other browsers you’d been using?


    @ TUIB:

    Yes, all this is very complex. Actually there was no need for me to take all that trouble. I could’ve simply logged in to blogger and posted that. But you see, the irony is had I used Blogger, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with this post! 😉 You could blame it all on keede in the wrong bodily orifice! 😉 Not that keede in some other orifice would be a better idea.

    Actually, the problem is not with Mail2Blog at all! It is with my phone. Except that one cannot post that labels through email, I think the service is pretty good and simple. I think this more an attempt to simplify things.

    Like if someone uses one’s blog more as a diary, or wants to only chronicle something like ‘thought/joke for the day’, it’d be quite perfect.

    For instance, I can now publish a blog from an SMS-like interface from my phone! 🙂

    Also, Blogger has come up with SMS service for blogging, too!

    I would gladly give up blogging through cell phone had I got a laptop. 😦

    And well, my blog had been missing you! And my blog is also curious of your reason for its ‘neglect’! 😉



  4. Try teashark and UCweb – 2 more java based ‘full web’ browsers.

    The K810i does indeed have an ‘i’ in the name. It represents the region the phone was sold in. For example- the version for north America used to be called a K810a….

    But honestly, if you want the ‘full’ web experience you’ll have to get a Windows mobile phone.

    Something from HTC or samsung perhaps. The platform allows you to install 3rd party browsers (not mere java based ones) which can render the whole web….

    Actually, I think even the nokia s60 smartphones support such browsers. Something like an E51 for example. Though you’d want a phone with a full keyboard and wifi (E71 maybe) if you plan on more than a little (very little…) mobile blogging.

    Where are you trying for a PG seat? In the US?

  5. @MGeek:

    Is it yet out in the market? Gsmarena says, it’s expected launch is in November!

    And very honestly, this post was only my attempt to gather some praise for being so efficient in managing with such limited resources! 😉 Receiving suggestions for a new device was not on the agenda! 😉

    Somehow, I’ve been always so put off by Nokia phones; they never excite me. 😦 But I’ve to add here, except for HTC’s I’ve not seen any new phones in like last 2 years.

    And if you’d read my response to TUIB above, you’ll realize how this post became precisely because of now possessing a more sophisticated phone! 😉 And also owing to keede in the wrong orifice.

    Had to look up what exactly ‘peace’ as a parting statement meant! Am extremely poor at slangs.




    Incidentally I’ve tried both Teashark and UCWeb.

    Teashark is in its beta version, and somehow it stop functioning the moment I shut it down once. It wouldn’t start till I delete and re-install it. Plus, its cache-size (again, not sure if am using right terminology!) is very small, and it does not load large pages (for instance, my blog!) till I disable images.

    And about the other browser, I have v6.3 and not 2.0! I am really impressed with UCWeb’s interface, and features. But it has one HUGE problem! It loads pages only in mobile view (single column), and that’s so uninviting after using Opera 4 and Bolt.

    If you’re still using any of the Java-phones, do try Bolt. It looks shoddy, but it outperforms Opera in many areas. Its disadvantages as compared to Opera are smaller cache-size (necessitating frequent reloading), and lack of tabbed browsing. I’ve become a spoilt brat by already getting so used to tabbed browsing! 😛

    Thanks for the info on i in K810. Yes, now I remember that letter stands for region and not camera.

    Actually, I’m not going mobile-shopping any time soon!

    No, I won’t be trying for PG in the US, not at least till I get at least one PG degree from India.


    @Spark Star:

    This was just an IQ-enhancing exercise, mostly for myself, and somewhat also for readers. And as you could see from the responses, all the male readers are smart and actually had nothing to gain from this post! 😛 And now that your exams are over, you can afford to allow your IQ to rise by learning new things. But remember, before PG entrance you’ll have to bring it down again!


  6. Hello, pseudopseudointellectual!

    Indeed, how you’ve pointed out is precisely how I add html codes in my posts and comments!

    The problem is if in an email from my cell phone, I type <.b>bold<./b>, it will not show up as bold, but as <.b>bold<./b>!


  7. I used opera since its version 3.2 which is moved to beta 5. I used Sony Ericsson phones most of my life and I loved using M600i which never disappointed me in surfing web pages only problem arrived with the flash website. Now I have moved to blackberry which has WordPress Application to edit posts and comments which is very useful. But I feel blogging is not easy through phone. A blackberry has resolved issues with many websites but it still stucks at flash ones however my mobile needs have been fulfilled by my new 8520 Curve.

    • iBeingMe,

      I’d blogged a lot using cell phone. But of late since I started living in my home I again, I’ve hardly blogged using phone. I’ve been using some desktop or laptop to publish and comment. That way, the WordPress Android app (which I guess must be similar to the Blackberry app) seems too tedious. [Compare the length of my posts with yours! 😛 ]. Now I don’t think I possess the patience to type blog posts through my phone. Though, occasionally I do comment on others’ blogs through my HTC Wildfire. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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