Google God, this is not fair! :(

See, how Google God is misguiding my prospective-readers-and-even-more-prospectively-about-to-turn-followers into believing that my blog is not about what they want to find on the World wide Web! 😦


No wonder, I keep on finding excuses to try to popularize my blog through shrewd, but inefficient means. And all it manages to do, is remain a Neglected Serendipity (click)

And since my wishes do not get fulfilled, I find excuses to turn and remain an atheist, by emotionally blackmailing myriad of purportedly True and Supreme Gods.

Aargh some angels I worshipped, also did not help me in my NobelNoble endeavor! 😦

But this once, yet again I hope, the newly suprematized Google God would take notice that this marginalized blogger is perverseperseveres, and show mercy upon his deviantdivine blog, showering it with readers and their illogicaleulogical comments.

So here goes a piece of sycophancysick-o’-fancy-verbiage, hence short prayer.

17 thoughts on “Google God, this is not fair! :(

  1. A very polite reply to an impolite comment there on brain baloney’s blog . Impolite for three reasons –

    1. The cross mark
    2. The lack of a well articulated reason for it, so unusual since its you !
    3. Calling my earlier post a fluke .
    4. Again, no reason stated for the same.

    so there – that makes it 4, not 3!
    will read comment reply only on my latest post !

  2. the first link went to ur statcounter and denied me the details..

    Tahooooo I have discovered (Google) God, thanks to you:)

    btw, you would be suprised how many come to my blog searching for donkey sex. the donkey in my blog name and a sex in the post – sex life goes up in smoke, about cigs not good for sex life:D

  3. I want to clear the air on my first comment.

    When you put a cross mark beside my post, I thought it was disapproval you were trying to convey. And when I read the thing about the last post’s performance being a fluke – well, I wrote you that comment there. So mistakenly i thought you to be impolite for that comment when infact you were never making one on me !!!

    I hope I’m a lot more clearer now !
    And yeah, about you providing reasons, i think, in my blog home range, you’re the most articulate person, and I kinda look upto you !:-))


  4. So many clicks!!!

    I clicked the DO NOT CLICK first. You see, human behavior πŸ˜› But alas! didn’t find anything juicy..:-P πŸ˜›

    And :-O to the search string that led the visitor to your review of Jawani Diwani. That was gross.

    And yay!! Google is God!

  5. @TLOP:



    Okay, now I’ve reached the best compromise to let the readers access most popular search terms bringing readers to my blog. Just click on ‘Google God’s vagaries’ on top of the right sidebar.

    Good you didn’t say, “Yahoo, I have discovered Google (God), thanks to you:)”

    That would have been pretty ironic!

    Actually, I’ve been a great fan of Yahoo! But, not sure, maybe they are going in loss. I don’t know why they’ve been shutting off their services one-by-one. First one to go was Yahoo 360, where I used to have my blog, originally.

    But I hope Yahoo! does not get extinct totally. I’ve had some emotional attachment with its messenger and Yahoo! Answers.

    Online Donkey sex! LOL! But I believe, it’s alright as long as it remains virtual! πŸ˜‰


    Even after visiting the Church of Google, you’ve not seen everything, yet!

    You know one of the terms on that list was:

    Padma ek kinky bitch

    Yesterday might, I couldn’t eat my food properly ‘cuz I kept on thinking about that search term, and just couldn’t help laughing!

    Initially, I was like how come that term lead to my blog, but then with some calculation, I realized all the terms are actually there on my blog! 😦

    Padma–Flickering lights.

    Ek and kinky–Insanity Person(alit)ified.


  6. @Insignia:


    Oh, that link on uncyclopedia! I thought it was pretty funny! But yes, Uncyclopedia has one of the weirdest kinds of humor, and not everyone likes it. Plus, you know, one needs to spend some time with Uncyclopedia as well as Wikipedia, to appreciate how the former have parodied the latter real bad (good!).

    Yes, hairy armpits of Celina Jaitley was bad. But you know, again, all the words were there in a single post itself! 😦

    And if you thought, all that was gross, then kindly see my response to TUIB, above! πŸ˜‰

    Okay, I just hope you don’t run away from my blog, knowing such terms to be there in it! 😦

    Google is ad hoc God, subject to satisfactory running of my Virtual World! πŸ˜‰

    Very suprisingly, the most overwhelmingly popular term has been ‘philosophical questions’, which was there in the what’s up-post. I guess, some students in search of reference for their assignments end up on my blog! How ironic! I don’t know how much they must be cursing me, but I won’t change the title. πŸ˜‰

    Another popular term had been ‘figures of speech’–again I believe for doing homework! πŸ˜› And quite ironically, even in that post, I had used ‘figures of speech’ quite metaphorically! So students don’t get helped!



    Please don’t put me in dharm sankat! I cannot afford to answer that question honestly, as of now!

    But I believe, my little prayer at the end did help.

    Just yesterday itself, the total number of page loads jumped from an average of 50 to 270!

    But there’s a reason, I used excuse in the post in context of my turning and staying atheist! πŸ˜‰

    Now keep quiet you blasphemous bad boy! Wow! So now on, like that WWE wrestler, instead of Triple H, you are Triple B!

    Do let me know if you object to this new acronym for you so that I could popularize it! πŸ˜›

    Thanks for visiting!


    Surprisingly, though pink chaddis is the most (un)popular post on my blog, no one has actually landed searching for them!

  7. hahha, one more question, Why are you so descriptive in everything πŸ˜›

    I love wrestling and I love HHH so never mind, go ahead.
    If you can [soemhow] relate it to The Undertaker, that would be the best πŸ˜‰

  8. Tarun,

    “descriptive”? LOL! I thought, you meant talkative. Either ways, haven’t found it to be problem, at least for myself! πŸ˜‰

    Just like how HHH and The Undertaker are arch rivals, BBB (who very much loves his non-China made ‘swadesi’ undies a lot) and The Undietaker are arch rivals. πŸ˜‰ Sorry, my talkative but unimaginative self couldn’t come up with a better relation! πŸ˜‰


  9. Tarun,

    The comment did not make sense because you might have forgotten your own comment here (click).

    And the arch rival of Triple B is Undietaker and not Undertaker. πŸ˜‰

    I might be descriptive, I find what I describe interesting, or I find the very process of describing interesting (this was a somewhat serious attempt to answer your question).


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