Tales of Bruno and Galileo: The art of saying semi-sorry after thinking for REALLY, REALLY LONG! Like, 359 years!

Here is an article dealing with related issues of psychology, some history, arguments for existence of god(s), and their refutation 🙂

Why Atheism? (click)

It is easy to understand, devoid of rigorous philosophical jargon, but very lengthy.

One horrifying thing was the manner in which Giordano Bruno was executed in 1600 (click) for holding ideas that were contrary to the Church’s.

Having read of many such executions, I was not affected much. What suprised me in the Wikipedia article, however, was that like modern ‘professionals’–reality show judges, there used to be inquisitors! While, the former decide if a contestant deserves to win, largely based on their whims, the inquisitors would, if a person deserved to live, and if not, what kind of exemplary murder would be suitable. But, totally based on whims!

All this to what end? To shield the humanity from truth.

Truths like, Jupiter’s moons orbited it, that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and not vice versa!

Galileo in 1633, when 70, was made to retract his verification of Bruno’s ideas that went against Aristotle’s two millenia old ‘truths’, which the Church had adjudicated to be, well, ‘absolute truths’. Of course, citing the precedent they had set of Bruno’s ‘fate’ only helped further.

But the reason I write is the fact that I would never lay down my life thus. I would rather take the easy path and give in to arbitrary coercion. I feel somewhat ashamed to be that way, but more importantly, dwarfed by the likes of Bruno who had in them to give up to that end, the only thing a man ever truly owns–his life, with nothing to gain in return.

Through this post I just wish to remind that each time we discard naturalism in favor of supernaturalism, what a great sacrifice we frown upon despite continuing to hypocritically savor former’s fruits, e.g., reading this post! Okay I concede, some might now precisely curse Bruno for that!

Thankfully, because of God we have some humor (click)! 😉

EXACTLY 17 years back (click), the Church realized Galileo had been right all along!

6 thoughts on “Tales of Bruno and Galileo: The art of saying semi-sorry after thinking for REALLY, REALLY LONG! Like, 359 years!

  1. And why did you realise after 17 years that the church realised after 359 years?

    Btw, have you read – Childhood’s End? Do read it – It is a fantastic book…

  2. Hello Rakesh!

    Actually, it was just a coincidence that while writing the post, I realized the Church had come out with an apology on 7th November!

    So, I thought I would include the last line, too. 🙂

    Plus, there was no blogging 17 years back. And plus, there was no ‘Neglected Serendipity’ on 7th November, 2008! 😉

    And you know the worst part? They had set up a committed in 1979 to determine in the Earth revolved round the Sun, or vice versa! And it took them over 13 years to establish ‘facts’. 😉

    So that way in comparison 17 years is over 21 times faster than 359 years! 😛

    No, I have not heard about ‘Childhood’s End’. What is it about?

    Will remember your recommendation and try to read, on finding time! 🙂



  3. It is an awesome science fiction novel – written way back in 1953 about the future but never does it feel so old. It has also got amazing fictional theories about the space, universe, time etc. The theories though fictional, almost feel so believable.

  4. There are so many assumptions and assertions in that link you have provided for “why Atheism?”… too much for this small comment to cover.

    And I find the article too targeted against the christian theology, giving an impression that only that philosophy is the banner holder for ALL theistic views.

  5. Thanks, Rakesh!

    I did read a bit about the story on Wikipedia later. Sounded interesting, more for the psychological predicaments involved, viz., happy life v/s total liberty.

    One of my posts had dealt with the same issue.

    Futuristic! (click)



    Yes, you’re right. Thanks!


  6. when one is going to die anyway, why not live the life, one wants?
    (unless you are causing extreme harm to others..)
    there are somethings which are worth dying for, and some which are worth living for..

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