A resolve to become a better quacktor

For those of you wondering, why do I keep on coming up with nonsensically dark posts (click) with even more nonsensical brutality, I tried very hard to introspect (my using this term with such high-frequency repetition used to be just another torture technique [;)]), and realized I always aspired to be one of these famous ten quacksdoctors (click).

But despite my repeated attempts at quackery, and of course, writing quack medical manuals (insinuated as ‘dark posts’ into my blog), I have not been able to achieve even one-tenth the notorietyfame as this famous doctor (click).

So, here on I have decided, I will not write stories, which could serve as templates and bad influence for other budding writers to kill off the characters in their stories in exemplarily psychotic manner. 😉

It has dawned on me that it is better to be one among nine doctors that agree with each other, rather than one among ten doctors with whom every other doctor disagrees (for further elaboration, you have to click on the last of the above three links [:)]).

9 thoughts on “A resolve to become a better quacktor

  1. This comment is for the previous post YOU.
    I couldn’t find the comment section under that post. Weird!!

    It was really a nice attempt, I thought you might have had a breakup and was feeling sorry. And later, just had a :-S face.

    I feel sorry for your phone’s screen that it didnt understand you yet.

  2. Hello, Insignia!

    Well that was not my first poem. 🙂

    That was my first poem that did not rhyme!

    You’ll find my other attempts, under the button ‘poetry’ above, of which, one is a very huge piece of prose (parody), but contains a small rhyme in it (under histrionic personality disorder in ‘insanity person(alit)ified’). And two of the poems deal with break up, both of them real. 🙂 So I guess, I’m past that stage where a break up would make me write a poem. Not worth the effort, you see. It’s more energy-efficient to woo someone ‘next’ with that much poetic effort. 😉

    I usually don’t leave questions unanswered on my blog, but ‘YOU’ has nothing to do with break up, and not much to with my cell phone. 🙂 And I have kept comments disabled for that post.

    Moreover, you must also concentrate on the current post. 😉 The last link is particularly good (I think), if you like absolutely whacky, insane kind of humor. 😉

    Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂


  3. “So, here on I have decided, I will not write stories, which could serve as templates and bad influence for other budding writers to kill off the characters in their stories in exemplarily psychotic manner. ;)”
    Hahahaha! This made me laugh. xD

    There’s some kinda glitch in the listverse link, it wouldn’t open.
    But I did check out the 9 0ut of 10 doctors link, Kyle Charles Finnegan and its really funny. 😀
    But I usually don’t get Uncyclopedia…is any of it true or not? Or is it all just fictional?
    I know I sound really dumb right now, but I think its better than pretending that I totally get it and its great.
    A little help here, please.

  4. Thanks Ketan for letting me know that you had comments disabled. I didnt know that such a feature existed. Now this comment is for this present post.

    Firstly, thanks for sharing the link on famous quackers. All the very best for you to become a better and FAMOUS quacker; for all the right reasons 😛

  5. @ Srishti:


    It is suprising if that link didn’t work. I just tried it, and it did work from my cell phone.

    Anyway, you could view that site. Here is the link:


    Simply click on it, and if clicking doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your address bar.

    Faith is the cornerstone of any religion, and it is blasphemous to believe anything written on Uncyclopedia! 😉

    Basically, it’s an out-and-out spoof of Wikipedia.

    See here what Uncyclopedia has to say about Wikipedia:


    But some of the things do take off from reality, and actually knowing about the subject helps a lot in understanding the humor. For instance, I was terribly impressed by their article on ‘vampire’ because it was definitely written by someone with very good knowledge of the human body.

    But problem with Uncyclopedia is that some stuff on it is really explicitly obscene, and not sure if I would recommend it much for you. 🙂 There are four relatively clean and good articles in the left sidebar. Hope, you enjoy them if you find time.

    Basically, Uncyclopedia for me is one of the best ways to pass time. Even whackiest of my humor has not been able to match their standards. 😦

    This is what Uncyclopedia says about girls, for instance:

    Image (click)

    Hope, you take it with a pinch of salt! But imagine, what kind of intelligent insanity would be required to come up with ideas like that!


    @ Insignia:

    Yes, you can disable commenting by clicking on ‘post options’ at the bottom of the Blogger editor, each time you publish a post. I think you can also make the already posted comments invisible, though I haven’t required to do that, yet. 🙂

    Thanks for the wishes!


  6. Haha! I read that last link when I visited your blog long ago, it used to be (maybe still is but i cant be bothered to scroll up) on the upper left corner of your blog among your other uncyclopedia links..

    sometimes, just sometimes, however, the one that disagrees turns out to be right..

    so dont turn into a Yes-Man just yet.. 🙂

    and sorry to digress, but i cudnt resist it,

    YOU is actually about..umm..a person?? wow! I thought it was supposed to be a thoughtprovoking joke..

    not very perceptive of me i see..

  7. TUIB,

    Good to know you’d explored my blog that well! 😉

    Yes, all the Uncyclopedia links have been there since long. It’s difficult to find something ‘clean’ on Uncyclopedia, you see. 😉

    With regard to ‘Yes-man’, I’m worried, the rate at which my pessimism is rising, I might become a “No, man!” very soon! 😦 Now, don’t put a hyphen between ‘no’ and ‘man’ and translate it into Urdu. 😛 I’m not worried of that as yet. Okay, that was very poor and cheap of me, but still original! 😛

    YOU is about a person, and not at all your fault that it’s very vague, and unfortunately not open to querying about. Hope, you don’t mind. 🙂 TC.

  8. ketan, i wish i could understand, but i don’t. i know you will say click on the links..but those links are taking forever to load..
    i wish you posted an explanation for some of your posts, for bloggers like me

    Ps i really tried hard to understand the wall phone post, but i couldn’t..

    i hope the mp comment didnt bug u:(

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