The Monkey who sold his Fur, and became an entrepreneur <— [rhyme alert]!

I stumbled upon a very detailed transcript of interview of Madhu Koda (click), the just 38 year-old, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, who has added unheard of dimensions to the art of portfolio management.

Those of you (unlike me), who have had some experience at wealth-generation, would know that one needs to first have a sufficiently bulky portfolio to have it managed through innovative techniques!

But do not worry, as you get to learn from the man himself who had begun from a financial scratch, and worked himself up to a position, from where he can afford to scratch out his financial itch as and when he wants. Be mesmerized as he discusses his successful business strategies, and future plans for his 10 year-old business venture standing firmly at Rs. 4000 crore, and not at all staggering.

Since risk incurred is always proportionate to market premium, no doubt, some of you must have experienced trepidation at investing your vital noncapital assets, e.g., time expended in early days of your startup (poetically also known as ‘youthful days’) in risk-fraught activities. But again, Mr. Koda comes to your rescue, as he teaches a few of his imminently successful risk mitigation techniques.

Needless to say, such an inspiring and helpful manual to individual wealth-generation cannot be made available to the general public.

It is at a very *secret* place on the World Wide Web.

Basically, here (click). 😉

As the profits would be sourced in actual market events (which Mr. Koda enthusiastically explains), rather than mere speculations of future money flow, the TV interview had been aptly named as

Non Derivatives Trade Ventures’ Profit

As you would learn from the interview transcript, democracy and greater autonomy in portfolio mismanagement of nation’s GDP by entrepreneurs like Mr. Koda need to be promoted in a big way, if you are to employ same techniques as him and derive benefit from them, you have to promote democracy.

In my previous post, I had proposed a novel technique to do so. But if you find it tedious, you could simply take a look at the top of this page’s left sidebar. 😉

Hope, you will not disappoint the well wisher in yours truly.

14 thoughts on “The Monkey who sold his Fur, and became an entrepreneur <— [rhyme alert]!

    • that the money lies in the list. An e-mail list of targeted cumsoters is more effective than any other source of traffic. It has been observed that a prospect comes to your sales page 6-7 times before buying anything. Most of the newbies like me (ouch..) make this deadly mistake of directing the visitors to the sales page than capturing their e-mails and suffer in the long run. Vincent invites you to read..

    • I choose to believe this whole thing is one giant hyper ironic hipster joke on everybody. It’s hard not to laugh. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if they showed up on the panel stage riding fixies and wearing paste on handlebar moustaches. somebody be ready to instagram the shit out of that panel

  1. WDM,

    You must go that link. Your concern has been addressed. It is a part of risk mitigation only.

    Getting caught does not amount to actual loss of hard earned money. It is only a theoretical roadblock to continued success. 😉


  2. Hi,

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  3. Man, one should learn from Rama uncle, he was [is] great, wo pakda gaya otherwise “hamari” Satyam microsoft ko maat de deti 😀 😀

    koda to do kaudi ka scammer paaya gaya hai 😉

  4. “You mean to say as Indians we can’t be world leaders in the next phase of corruption as well? As it is our ranking has slipped on the world corruption index.”

    “‘101 Easy Dishes To Cook And Eat So That You Can Get A Stomach Infection And Be Unavailable For Questioning By The Income Tax Department Because You’re In Hospital’”

    Hahahahaha! The funniest interview EVER!
    Except, I don’t get the part where they say all banks are are hit by the recession except the Swiss Bank. I read about the Swiss Bank in The Da Vinci Code.

    Anyway, awesome this is.

  5. Hehee..yeah..lets join the Madhu koda fan club with you and me being in teh board of directors group. No seriously..the man got caught but is not yet convicted which effectively means that he is innocent and he is still successful!..That being said, the take away from teh koda episode is that he dint follow the golden rule which says “The secret to success is to know how to hide your sources”..lets all learn something from that..

  6. @ WDM: Considering your academic specialization, I thought my and Rakesh’s posts would have interested you very much!

    Also, what 300 crores are you talking of? I’ve no idea? You’ve floated a new company? 😉

    @ Tarun: I can sense some ‘mild jingoism’ in your analysis? 😉

    @ Srishti:

    I’ll tell you what all I know about Swiss banks! 😉 But going by my experience at such things, which is essentially zero, I could be totally wrong! 😛

    Firstly, ‘Swiss bank’ is a generic term. Probably, there’s no such thing as a single Swiss bank, but the term is applied to many of the banks that are specifically located at Zurich. The specialty of these banks is that they don’t give away any of the account info of their customers on being asked ‘nicely’ by governments of any country. Probably, they hesitate a lot to give details even on being asked roughly! But the thing is Switzerland is such a prosperous and financially strong nation that none of the other countries’ governments can exert any pressure to scoop out info.

    So, Swiss bank is the best place to stash away one’s ill-earned wealth.

    Now, in that interview, Madhu Koda’s premise is that in times of economic difficulties, goverments start even more new development and relief programs, which means greater siphoning away of money by politicians, and greater business for Swiss banks! So obviously, they are immune to recession! 😉

    Thanks for commenting and hope you learned something from my and Rakesh’s posts. 😉


  7. Hello Rohit, and welcome to the blog!

    Sorry to make you wait so long for responses, but my previous post required some elaborate responses, for which I was not finding time, and somehow did not want to comment here before that post as the readers there had posted comments earlier. 🙂

    Anyway, nothing happens by just making a fan club! Think original, man! Even if we cannot think original, at least we should sound as if our ideas are original.

    In matters of entrepreneurship shown by Mr. Koda, ill-earned and the infamy it brings are actually assets, which obviate the need for further marketing! So of course, we don’t need to hide away our sources, rather we should flaunt them!

    Thanks for commenting!

    Take care.

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