“Don’t know, yet” is the first step to gaining further knowledge

Possibly, the simplest-worded summary of how traditional religions and naturalism have treated mysteries and new knowledge differently – in particular, to be found in the last paragraph. It is a very short post and will take only around 5 min to read.

5 thoughts on ““Don’t know, yet” is the first step to gaining further knowledge

  1. Hey KC, I was reading NitwitNastik’s Post on Shirdi Sai Baba and saw your comment there regarding the discoveries and inventions and the means of development being development in the Labs/Schools/Colleges and every other place which is cosidered amterialistic/non-spiritual.
    This is what I have tried so many times to speak/narrate but never found words for it.
    Thanks for the help, you have done it superbly.

  2. @Deluded: Haha…you make me laugh. Seriously. Everyone in my class thinks its cool to be ‘random’. Which I don’t understand at all.
    But you are the Random-God.

  3. Very true, full support to your thought.
    scientific theories change because science is dynamic .It attempts to find the answers to ‘Why’ by what is called scientific method. These theories are reflections of thought that can be substantiated by experiments and results and not just collection of opinions.

    Beauty of science lies in exploration, to give a very simple example, Newton thought light was corpuscle having mass, Hygens thought it was mechanical wave, maxwell suggested it is EM wave. Einstein explained photoelectric effect by considering the light as bundles of energy called photons . We all know now, that light has dual nature.

    Change is strongest sign of life and a mind that never questions the validity is like stagnant water that can only breed reptiles.

    I had uploaded a video of Richard Feynman on You Tube …. I think he truly says it all that every person who has belief in science would say….Link given below for those who are interested..


  4. Tarun,


    After you had put this comment, and I had gone through many of NN’s posts. I realized there were a few unanswered questions. Anyway, I also felt I could have answered better! TC.


    No, no you got it wrong. When the whole world goes one way, it trips over and falls. And then you eat Bt-brinjal! 😉


    Now you’ve become the random Goddess – by not saying a word about this post! 😛


    Welcome to the blog! And am extremely sorry for such a delayed response.

    Yes, you are very right. But it is the very same changing nature of science that is attacked by theists, because that they construe as science being unsure of itself.

    Of course, I have no problems with the changing nature of science and in fact, even other naturalistic theories. Currently, a lot of conflict in the World is because of people’s resisting all sorts of change.

    Thanks for your elaborate comment and the link!

    Take care.

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