8 thoughts on “Difference?

  1. Here’s one diff I could think of:


    Dresses are meant to be worn (social convention)
    Books are meant to be read (conventionally).

    Sufficiency or coverage or nature of the dress is somewhat akin to the subject matter of the book.

    Thus a nearly-equivalent analogy would be to posit a group of people that routinely and always does unconventional things to books.

    group A:
    They eat HarryPotter books. They wear pages out of Ramayana. They burn some other books.

    People would find them oddo but burning books now looks okay by what they usually do.

    group B:
    They usually singe books. some of them char books sometimes. and some of them they burn books.

    group B is really inline with your dress analogy.


  2. excuses just excuses.
    the same terrorists have attacked saudi arabia where Quran is revered. so even if usa doesn’t burn !uran, if they want to attack, they will attack

    more rapes occur in regions like afghanistan than sweden. so thats a myth which could be used as an excuse.

  3. Hi Ketan

    One results in destruction. Other results in creation! Thats the only difference I can think of.

    Looking at the words (invite vs encourages), the inference can as well be “guarantee” vs. “possibility”.

    Both are bad jokes, anyway.


    G Saimukundhan

  4. Roger Cohen in NYT:
    “..Heinrich Heine, the German poet, foresaw the worst early in the 19th century: “Where they burn books, in the end they will also burn people.”..”

    Mapping to your analogy only gets it to:

    “Where they wear provocative dresses, they will in the end not wear anything”

    No harm done. difference. See?


  5. A good comparison – and indeed one which should be looked at closely. They both have the same elements – namely is one responsible for one’s own actions if one is “provoked” but not directly incited?

  6. Just realized that the statements are bad excuses as well. Noticed that Wisedonkey had already pointed that out.

    Even if considered an excuse, there is lot of conviction over the results of koran buring, than the effect of dressing provocatively.


    G Saimukundhan

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