7 thoughts on “Propriety of Governmental Interventions

  1. I think above question is flawed with the human tendency of narrative fallacy and platonic bucketing. There are multiple angles involved in each one of these, and without considering those and finally arriving at the stance to be taken, a mere generalization of the results would be like falling in the same trap that indian media has been falling into – no one seems to have time to research but acting like a dumb media terminal. Even kids can connect the dots to complete a picture, but it requires a lifetime experience in policy and international affairs, and humanity in general to drive such opinions, and sorry to say, I will refrain!

    PS: Well framed question, will make people think!


    • Ashish,

      You said the question is “flawed” as well as “well framed”? 🙂

      I couldn’t understand what you meant by “narrative fallacy” and “platonic bucketing”. But I liked the fact that you refrained from voting.

      I guess, people are lot more vocal in expressing their opinions when they are not going to be the one making decisions. To give an extreme example, many would opine that “person X must be shot down”, but when given a gun in their hand and also the legal immunity, they are unlikely to actually shoot down the person.

      I agree that the considerations involved in above options are far more serious than they might initially appear, but from my interactions with people online, I have realized that people have strong opinions on all the four options, perhaps, even without having thought of the bases of their convictions. Ideally, I would have liked a large sample size, so that I could gauge, what proportion of people take an academic view of freedom of making choice v/s the idea of curbing it in order to serve some “larger” public interest.

      Thanks for your inputs!

      • Ketan, you said it all.

        The role of an instigator is to make people think and comment. So the question that way is well-framed. but, the flaw lies in that it doesn’t seem to help the general cause. Or should I say there’s no cause involved but just an objective to instigate? 🙂

        That’s exactly the problem with the general media today too. you don’t shy away from reprimanding the media raking up nonsense, but is this also not a similar attempt, just white labelled as if in good faith.

        Narrative fallacy being a flaw here is that there’s this tendency, rather a need to fit a pattern to a set of scattered facts, and give it a shape of an articulated thought process. while on the ground there’s no relationship at all between the burning of Kuran and banning of burqa at two different places by two completely unconnected set of people, our administration, as the title of the Q seems to suggest, needs to have a consistent treatment to both of these without any regards to the specific contexts of such large proportions? Just to fit the narrative need???

        Then, we always tend to look at SUPPORT and OPPOSITION as two separate poles in our platonic bucketing tendency. For the Support or Opposition, the manner in which it is handled in that particular context needs to be fitting and doesn’t have to actually belong to the polar position of Support or Opposition as these words (Capitalized) make them sound.

        Hence, I believe any such attempts to get the public opinion out are flawed from the above two, combined with treating the mob psychology as the fuel for sparking timeless debates that are completely irrelevant and inconsequential with only adverse implications as possibility. Everyone’s busy stirring the pots and claiming the cap of the best stirrer 🙂

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        – Ashish

    • Oh, this is very unfortunate! I don’t know why it didn’t work in your case. Already two people have voted, and I haven’t voted yet.

      BTW, could you please tell me how did you get the flash version/slide show of polls in your sidebar? Does one have to upgrade to wordpress.org to enable that?


      • Yeah, I think plugin customization is available only for self hosted wordpress blogs…But there might be some bit of javascript that your poll provider will give you which will display a random poll on the sidebar each time. That doesn’t require a self hosted system…

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