My first tag!

Owing to my pathetic interpersonal skills, which are as pathetic online as they are offline, hardly any blogger has tagged me up till now. And let me be honest, I always wanted to be tagged, but nobody considered me or my blog good enough to be tagged. 😦 Okay now, that I’m done with my perfunctory whining against the powers that be in the World and beyond, which I anyway keep on doing with tags like Why the World is Doomed (click), let me get down to business! 😉


Some rules of the Game:

a) Show off your honesty (and modesty) by thanking the person who gave you the award and link to their post.

b) List 15 honest things about yourself. Cheating makes you lame, so just play along, all you taggees.

c) Select 7 other bloggers you think deserve this award and pass it on to them.

d) Notify said bloggers about the award and invite them to be the honest ones next.


a) I wholeheartedly thank Srishti (click), whose strongest claim to being wonderful, phenomenal, sensational, awesome, unimaginablysupercoolintelligentandnice human being is the fact that she tagged (click) me! Apart from that, a fact of unsettled significance is that she blogs. 😉


Okay now coming to the easiest part of the tag – 15 honest things about myself!

1. I’m quite honest!

Of course I am, why else would I consider jotting down 15 honest things about about myself as the easiest task in this tag, huh? But keeping in with my honesty, I must also add that the qualifier “quite” umm… lends itself to be kind of, you know, misused. 😉 Moreover, “honesty” is subjective, isn’t it? On a more serious note, I do have an unconventional view of honesty. I feel, honesty, just like other ideals has a higher purpose, and that higher purpose happens to be human happiness. This happiness has to be acquired through pragmatic means – such that it would not cause too much discomfort to others, so as to upset society’s harmony, and nor should it hurt my conscience to the degree that I would develop disdain for myself. So given that goal, honesty would mean telling the truth, not concealing significant aspects of what I would regard as truth, but if my conscience is convinced and rather demands that I deviate from the conventional path of truth, then I would do that as well. I had discussed the related ideas in my blog posts – Ideological vanity (click), My System of Ethics (click), An Ethical Brainteaser! (click) and How Morality is Indispensable to a Social Life (click).

When it comes to honesty, I can be quite extreme on either side of what might be considered the ‘optimum’ degree of honesty. How honest I am with a person depends on how much I value them. I can cook up believable stories very spontaneously and also speak them out with a straight face. I have played pranks using this skill of mine on few occasions, and at other times I did so to bail out myself from difficult situations. But on the other extreme, if I respect a person a lot, then I have decided in favor of being honest to utmost degree. My belief is, if I respect a person, then I must consider them as much deserving as myself to know the same truth that I would, and would also not doubt their ability to handle the truth, and the desire to know it.

2. My first crush was at the age of 5!

What I mean is, the girl was five! Okay-okay, I was also five, back then. 😀 Yes people, I was quite precocious! Perhaps, my hairline that’s merged with the forehead skin is merely another indicator of my precocity. Though, I must mention here that I had harbored that crush for the girl right from kindergarten to class 9. That is ten whole years! And yet, never could I gather sufficient courage to tell her that. Actually, her family had happened to be friends with mine, and I was worried that if she and in turn my parents were to get a whiff of it, I would be sent to 14 years vana vaas [exiled to forest], notwithstanding the absence of Manthara, Lakshman or Sita in my life. 😦 Later, I grew out of that crush, and am just about in touch with her. I wonder if I come to know of her being in some romantic relationship or planning to get married, would I still feel a pinch? Perhaps I would, but even that pinch would make me smile, just like most things from my childhood that I consider silly, would. 🙂 As an aside, one of my female class mates during my MBBS course had commented in Hindi, “koi itni chhoti si umar se itna ‘woh’ kaise ho saktaa hai?” [How can someone be so ‘that’ from such a young age?]. I egged her on as to what she meant by ‘that’ (“‘Woh’ matlab?”). She said, “Samajh jaa na!”. So, I asked, “tharaki?” [Lecherous?]. “Haan wohi!” [Yes, that only!]. Now, I didn’t launch into an elaboration on how not all attractions need be tinged with libidinous desires, etc. That must have dented my reputation, at least she made it seem so, but quite possibly, it would have actually improved among girls! 😉 But either ways, I couldn’t be too bothered to find that out.

3. My crush list had consisted of 23 girls by the time I had turned 17!

I know that is quite an awesome figure… for detached onlookeers, that is! 😦 How many did I manage to pataaofy? None!

Again, quite a few girls take this figure as a sign of my being a loose gentleman [Do you see the contradiction in terms here? It (“loose gentleman”) does not come out as well as “loose lady”, right? But I have an explanation for that. Unlike what feminists would like to point out, this usage has nothing to do with inherent sexism. The answer lies in poetics – ‘loose’ and ‘lady’ are alliterations! 😉 ]. But that is not true. My reasons for getting a crush on some girl are very eclectic, but equally weird! So actually, it is quite an honor for a girl if I get a crush on her (duh!). E.g., once after I finished my meal in a restaurant, a girl was inadvertently blocking my way to the wash basin. I said, “Excuse me! Could you please make way for me?” She was visibly embarrassed, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Sure!” and gave a sheepish smile and got out of the way. Now of course, this would seem a normal occurrence, but those were the days when the girls in my junior college (class 12) were irritating enough to say haughtily “excused” in response to such requests (inspired by, who else, but Shahrukh Khan!) when in fact, it is they who would be blocking the way and thus be at fault! And lo behold, mujhe us pe crush aa gayaa (woh Hindi wala “lo” tha)! Ah so you see, this fine lady’s etiquette quite endeared her to me. And that I felt she looked good helped. 😉 But to be honest, I had hardly looked at her, so I can’t be sure. Maybe it was just her demeanor that made me feel that she looked good. I left the restaurant, feeling thumps in my chest, with this intense desire to go back and talk to her, to look at her face and her smile, to try to get her email ID or Yahoo! ID (those were the days I had been heavily into Yahoo! chatting), but alas, there was no pretext to do that! This helplessness disturbed me for a few days. And quite weirdly, if I were ever to meet her, I would not even be able to recognize her now!!! But that unmistakable feeling of warmth is not lost on me each time I try to recall that incident. 🙂

4. I can be quite poker faced (but the irony is I don’t like card games!).

This, anyway few of you must have guessed when I talked of making up stories with a straight face. But then there is a flip side, too. It seems that my feelings do not spill over onto my face (whatever that is supposed to mean!). So, if I am really happy, I have to convince others that I would be feeling very happy. Likewise, due to relatively subdued facial expressions, and also the fact that most people consider me quite composed (which I am most of the times), people do not believe me easily when I tell them that I would be feeling sad or troubled or anxious. 😦

5. I have cried in public only once.

I cry with difficulty. I don’t know why. It is not that I look at adversely those who cry. In fact, crying can be quite therapeutic. But perhaps I would feel a loss of control if I let myself cry and show emotion. I am not so affected by the attention I might draw on crying, but even otherwise I cry extremely rarely. The last I had cried was after class 12 (which is more than 8 years back, and anyway was not in public).

It is for similar reason that I do not allow myself to show my anger, envy, irritation, etc. As I said, I am hardly bothered by what others think of me, but I do so because when dealing in public I feel people by default are firstly not ‘deserving’ of my emotion (including anger), meaning, I consider my true emotions the precious most things – that people have to reach crossing a few check points in order to be able to ‘access’ [apologies, if that sounds haughty]. Secondly, I feel if I act under the influence of some overwhelming emotion, then that would not be the best decision. This makes me quite a control freak, with the subject of that control being myself. So when I do experience some overwhelming emotion, most of my attention is focused on trying to buffer it, cut it out of my system, so outwardly quite obviously, people cannot make out what is going on inside of me, or even that indeed something significant is going on.

Okay, so the last time I had cried was in class 5! But many people to who I have recounted the incident find the reason behind it very silly. It had so happened that the girl with who I used to share my bench was in a mischievous mood. She was hitting me with my own compass box (metallic box in which I used to carry my writing/drawing material, etc.). She was miffed by the fact that I wasn’t getting angry. So to provoke me, she threw away my box at the wall around 5 m away in front of us. All the contents of the box had fallen out. But I went, collected the box and the items, replaced them and came back with my box. All along I had been requesting her to stop, but perhaps she was bent on testing my patience [unfortunately, I have noticed quite a few people I have met in life have wanted to break my resolve/composure/patience, perhaps because they think of it as some kind of challenge. But they do not understand that I have my personal reasons to be composed, and it is not that I do that to get some kick out of it]. Somehow, my only concern was how to stop her! It did not occur to me that I should get angry at her! In the meantime, she got hold of my some other stuff, and as I went to get it back from her, she took hold of my compass box and threw it again!!! It was actually food break that we used to get midway in the school’s time table, so there were hardly any other class mates in the room. Just one of my class mates who was watching all this came to me and told me something to the effect of: “how could you be so passive! If she threw your compass box, you too must throw hers!”. Now to be honest, even his words were not entirely convincing, because as I said I did not feel angry at all. My only concern was to get her to stop. But then I decided that perhaps he was right. If she had thrown my box, and that too twice, despite my warning and requesting her to not do the same, there was nothing wrong with my doing the same with hers! Moreover, I thought it would be an effective ‘strategy’ to stop her! But there was one problem – her box was made of plastic and it was beautiful (mine was ugly, apart from being metallic). So, I did not have the heart to throw it. But if I remember correctly, she was preparing to play yet another trick to try to gain control of my box and throw it again. So, in one quick motion, I took her box and threw it. Somewhat unexpectedly, one of the hinges of the box’s lid broke off from the main body. Now her box was defunct! She started crying, complaining that she had pestered her mom a lot to let her use that box, as it was actually a birthday gift to her six year younger brother, and that her mom would scold her a lot, and also her brother would be very heart broken. Suddenly, I felt very guilty of what I did. More so, because I too had an equally younger sister, and I knew how difficult it was to negotiate things out of parents! 😉 And I started crying – much harder than her, and quite inconsolably. I think the fact that my act was not backed my own conviction or emotions added greatly to my regret. I felt pathetic [the girl was done with her crying till then]. Soon, the break had ended, and all the students started coming into the class. It was quite an unusual sight for everyone, because nobody expected me to cry ever. In some time, our science teacher (who has been one of my all-time favorite teachers) entered. She inquired with others as to what had happened. She told me in Hindi, “Agar kisi ko sataana galat hai, toh us sataaye jaane ko sehanaa bhi galat hai” [If it is wrong to trouble someone, then it is also wrong to tolerate being troubled]. Now, again I wasn’t entirely convinced with that line of reasoning, but simply because it had come from a teacher I was so much in awe of, I thought she must be right! I apologized to the girl and also to the teacher. And no, that was not my tactic to escape punishment! I’m good at pretending to be normal, but I am not at all good at pretending to be crying!!! 🙂

With that incident I learned that unadulterated guilt is a very difficult feeling to handle for me. It is possible that only to escape that curse of guilt I have tried to develop a system of ethics, which I try to sincerely follow. For in matters of guilt, just like is with medical disorders, prevention is better than cure. 🙂

6. My favorite animal is cat.

Many classify people into ‘dog-person’ v/s ‘cat-person’. And somehow I do not even find the classification artificial. It does seem that most people are partial towards one and somewhat against the other. I find cats very cute-looking. There is an air of vulnerability in their round face and the way they ‘meow’. Perhaps, it inspires a protective instinct in me. But then, many dogs are also like that, and who I don’t find as much attractive. So what actually impresses me about cats is that despite this seemingly delicate frame, they are quite self-sufficient. Their agility is deceptive. Also, I like cats for their decisiveness, e.g., it is all too common to find dogs goofing up while crossing roads, and getting hurt/killed in the process. Many times they end up harming the motorists also, but cats are not like that. They cross roads quite easily. Another thing I like about cats is that they seem to be very curious – always exploring something or the other in their environs. I have read on the internet that to make blog posts interesting, we must include a few pictures. So here I post a few cute wall papers of cats I had downloaded from Wide wallpapers (click) in hope that my blog gets more popular and I get tagged more often.

I as a child had been so fond of cats, that I used to try to imitate their sound. I used to see if I could attract some kitten towards me thus, trying to make it think I would be its mother! However silly it might sound, I try to do that sometimes even today. If I could understand cat language, I would really like to know how stupid do they find me for that (no, cat’s body language, e.g., scratching and biting does not count as cat language)! 😉

An extremely significant outcome of my immense experience with attempts at ‘catiloquy’ (a la ventriloquy) is the conclusion and the tip I present here, that to best imitate a cat’s sound, one must say ‘v-ynaa-oon’ (with lot of nasal twang) instead of the flat ‘me-eow’ that is more popular. Do let me know your results when you try this! 😉

7. I’m a very disorganized.

Very few people who know me through online contact might believe that, but that is indeed a fact. I like my thoughts well organized, but I do not maintain my material belongings the same way. I find it a waste of time to try to keep things in an orderly fashion, especially, if I would be needing them regularly.

8. I’m VERY afraid of cockroaches!

I have never been able to deconstruct my fear of cockroaches. Perhaps, it has got something to do with the inherent unpredictability of their trajectory and the suddenness of their movements. I’m particularly afraid of the flying variety.

9. I quite like violent (on ears) music.

Again, this might seem to go against my personality, but for some reason, one of my favorite kinds of music happens to be quite jarring. Examples are ‘Smack my bitch up’, ‘Spitfire’, ‘Breath’ (all three by The Prodigy), ‘Ich wil’ (Ramstein), ‘Let the bodies hit the floor’ (Drowning pool), ‘Calm like a Bomb’ (The Rage against the Machine) and ‘Dragula’ (Rob Zombie).

10. I’m quite averse to the idea of bathing.

And of course, that I do to conserve water… would be a prototypical lie. 😉 It’s because I’m plain lazy. I would think of bathing as a waste of time that could be better utilized to doing more productive things like tweeting/blogging/commenting on blogs or thinking up a new conspiracy theory! 😉

One of my friends during my MBBS days had told his parents that on one occasion I had not had bath for 30 days! While I will not corroborate that number what I can say is that in terms of ‘order of magnitude’, he was not way off mark! 😀 But now I have somewhat mended my ways. My frequency has started approaching once a day, something that quite comforts my parents.

Oh, and did I mention it gets quite lonely in the bathroom! 😉 Except of course, if I would be given company by a flying cockroack! :O

11. In my childhood (till I was 7 years old) I wanted to become a watchman on growing up.

What used to impress me about the job was the watchman’s uniform. I also used to be awed by the fact that watchmen get to keep a stick with them, which they could use when needed, so everybody would be afraid of them!

Of course, with time I lost my fascination. Following that I sequentially wanted to become paleontologist, archeologist, geologist, astronomer, nuclear physicist, cell biologist (by which time I had reached class 12). Quite ironically, except for during my internship and some time following its completion I never really wanted to be a practicing doctor/surgeon! 🙂

12. I find ‘The Little Prince’ (click) a very cute story.

I have of course read only the English translation of this story originally written in French. Many sources mention that there is lot of profundity in the story and even small things are allegorical, in that they represent a commentary on (ridiculous) aspects of human behavior. But the part I like the best is where the Little Prince recounts how he had left his beloved flower back at his asteroid. He alludes to certain kind of vanity on part of the flower when she shows her thorns (claws) as if they were sufficient to defend her from the sheep that might eat her! Yet the Little Prince likes her, and strives to protect her! He loves her ‘just like that’ – for the heck of it! This, according to me was one of the most delicate representations of romantic love. It perhaps appeals to some carefree child hidden in me that wants to throw caution to the winds, embark on this journey of love without bothering to see what it gives back and what the journey entails – thus love becoming the end in itself in its truest sense.

13. I type out my blog post drafts in ‘HTML mode’!

I recently realized that this is a very weird thing to do. Of course, it is not a case that I do not know of the conventional mode to type them where what you see is what you get (wysiwyg). But I guess, this tendency stems from the fact that I like to be in control. If there is something that goes around me, and which I am unaware of, the very idea makes me uncomfortable. Of course, I use many electronic devices whose mechanism of working I’m unaware of. But in case of blogging, I like to keep the use of HTML at its minimum so that if I have to edit the drafts some time in the future, I would get an elegant composition as against one with many redundant tags (which typing in wysiwyg mode usually entails).

14. I am very fond of the Indian singer, Shaan.

In fact, Shaan (click) is the only celebrity I very strongly feel like meeting in person. One would be not wrong in calling what I used to (and to some extent, still) feel about him as infatuation (click)!

I won’t write much over here about him as I am sure to end up blogging about him in future.

15. I had been shown to a psychiatrist…

…Because my class teacher thought I was erm… mentally retarded! And my dad was also seemingly convinced. All this because I used to detest school work of any kind – be it studies or be it doing homework. I almost never used to copy down the notes that teachers would write on the black board as I used to find that pointless and boring.

I was made to undergo an IQ test in which I had done exceedingly well, putting to rest my dad’s concerns of my being a retard. The psychiatrist was really nice. I guess, since then, and especially because I got to meet two fabulous psychiatrists during my graduation, I seem to have developed a soft corner for psychiatry and psychiatrists. 🙂


c) Now coming to the difficult part – tagging others. As I am not sure how many more occasions would I get to tag others thus (owing to [ahem] my lack of popularity), I make maximum use of it, and tag as many people (bloggers as well as tweeters) as possible! And of course, I take this opportunity to sneak out some information off people I have always been quite curious about. 😉


  1. Saimukundhan
  2. Stupidosaur
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I would have liked to tag Tangled up in Blue and Insignia also, but former has already done the tag, and latter I suspect to have done it in the past.

I would be happy if anyone else feels like taking up this tag, and please do inform me about it. :).

I know quite a few of those mentioned above find silly the idea of taking up tags like above, to them I can only urge them to take this up because I am curious! Also, many of the tweeters mentioned here do not maintain a blog, but it would be nice if they could make one just for this once. Thanks all! 🙂


d) I will make sure that those tagged are informed about it. 🙂

PS: I will try to link to others’ tags as and when they complete it, and inform me of the same.

36 thoughts on “My first tag!

  1. For a tardy blogger like me, your blog is like i-dunno-the-word-but-you-get-the-point … the kind of effort you put in each of your post deserves appreciation…this post here is almost like nano-autobiography and interesting too..

    Lastly, thanks for keeping me in the loop.. 🙂

    • Hi, Shakti!

      Welcome to my new blog!

      Actually I find it difficult to believe that someone could find my above rant interesting, but then I take what you say on trust (and of course, it is quite flattering to hear those kind of things!:D ).

      Yes, I have included many curious incidents/traits about myself, but I don’t consider myself a good narrator of events. I can try presenting abstract ideas, but narrations is not my cup of tea.

      And I really look forward to see you do this tag. 🙂


  2. B-E-A-Utiful 🙂 Thats why I love you ketan….reading you takes my all tiredness away 🙂 BTW my fav animals are Cat and Dogs both 🙂

    • Darshan

      Welcome here!

      Yes, there are many interesting stories relating to the opposite gender and me – some are quite weird of course!

      I’d never imagined that someone else too could be as afraid of cockroaches as me. In fact, my fear of cockroaches is such that I’d asked my ex-girlfriend if she could manage cockroaches, lest our kids would not have anyone to draw inspiration from as to how to counter them! 😀 Surprisingly, I’m not very afraid of lizards and spiders, but I am of grasshoppers and honey bees. 😦

      Thanks for dropping by!

    • I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you. Now I will feel less miserable about my “bad” habit! 😀

      Thanks for reading! Are you planning to do this tag?

      Take care.

        • Yes, I hope you do find this interesting enough, but to be honest, the word “honest” is a loaded one isn’t it? People can mention pretty trivial things about them with immense ease, in which case though what comes out would be honest, it wouldn’t really require one to summon their honesty! 😀

  3. Ketan!!! you like to take up tags??? Boy I had no clue. I would have tagged you left and right and center 😛

    I want to write an elaborate comment. But I am right now in San Francisco airport waiting for my flight to Dubai; the boarding call would be anytime now and hence dont have much time.

    First, I really liked your detailed supporting statements for each of your honest points.

    You seemed to be a romantic…23 girls!!! Awesome.

    I like cats as well. You have read about it!

    You are VERY afraid of cockroaches? 🙂 They are scared of me!!

    As far as I know from your posts and comments and responses, I have not come across more brutally honest person than you. Honesty tag just suits you.

    Thanks for thinking to tag me. I dont remember if I did this tag; maybe I did. Anyway, I dont want to expose skeletons out of my closet. Let them stay in 😀

    Well, let me try to pass on more comments if I find time. I am sort of country hopping. From Dubai, I flying to Mauritius and then when I get back to India; I shall comment some more on your honesty.

    Take care!! 🙂

    • Insignia,

      Welcome to my new blog!

      For the first time I’m really surprised despite not being in a profession that requires you to travel much (which is my guess), you end up traveling so much. And that you’re strict vegetarian only adds to that feeling of wonder. 🙂

      I don’t think you’ve done exactly this tag, but there was something similar – “Honest scrapper” or something.

      Thanks for all the compliments! But do trust me when I say I can lie easily. 😀

      Happy journey and take care. 🙂

    • And most definitely you can tag me; I will take them up as and when I’m free (which I usually am, nowadays! 😉 ).

      I’m looking forward to follow up comments on this blog. 🙂

    • Chiya ji, welcome hai aap ko is naye blog par! 😀

      Sorry, I forgot to include you as we’d hardly been interacting of late. Most definitely I am curious to know more about you! So as you can see, now you stand tagged.

      Take care.

  4. very interesting tag post..the way you elaborated each point is superb..the reason I have stopped taking up tags is that they reveal a lot of personal information. I had taken up a similar tag in the past..but no more personal tags for me 🙂

    1: honest – well, if you admit that you are always dishonest, that’s honesty as well right?

    2: hmmm, first crush at 5 is society holds the record of having the youngest couple..guy 4 and girl 3..all they did was look into each other’s eyes with so much of love!

    3: my crush list is of 15 people..7 at one time though 😛

    4: now this is an amazing quality to have..

    5: really? that too in 5th grade? hmmm, again interesting..usually guys never say that they cry..

    6: again interesting, but no comments here as i m not fond of pets/animals..have you seen lolcatz? google it if you have may like it 🙂

    7: again, very few admit this

    8: I have fainted twice after seeing a cockroach..i have even blogged about it..

    9: hmmm..

    10: again, hmmm..

    11: ah, almost all of us had weird ambitions 🙂

    12: no comments as i have not read this..never read stories, comics etc nor watched cartoons..

    13: really? interesting..

    14: I like KK more..

    15: I never did homework..i took all the punishments with a smile on my face..but NEVER did homework!

    ok, the comment is like a tag itself..quite contradicting to my opening para 🙂

    • Neha,

      Welcome to my new blog!

      Yes, I just mentioned to Bhagwad above, I didn’t know what to make of the word “honest” in this tag. Most of the things I mentioned here, did not require me to be very honest anyway, in the sense there was nothing embarrassing or overtly shameful about it.

      1. Yes, that’s why it’s easier to say one is “quite” honest! 😀

      5. But I think of late, with advent of Shahrukh Khan, it’s become fashionable for guys to show their ‘soft’ side, many times even when none exits or even if it involves elaborate pretense.

      6. Actually, I don’t have any pets. I’d be too worried that they shouldn’t poop at wrong times on wrong things! 😉 Also, I wouldn’t want any animal to come and lick my eyes, lips, etc. or to put its mouth in my food. 😦

      8. Hahaha! Your confession makes me proud of my courage. 😉

      12. You can give ‘The Little Prince’ a try. I don’t know your reading preferences, but recommending as it will not take more than an hour to complete. So of course, you can curse me when you dislike it. 😀

      14. Yes, KK is also good. I like Shaan for his voice. But I don’t think Shaan is the most “gifted” singer. Perhaps, others like Sony Nigam, KK, Abhijeet (Bhattacharya), Sukhwinder Singh are tad better trained at music (Shaan is not even professionally trained). But I am partial towards him for entirely different reasons – will blog about them someday.

      15. Wow! Now, it’s unfair that you were not shown to any psychiatrist (assuming, you were not)! 😛

      Yes, that you almost took up the blog was very interesting.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Oiii Ketan! Heyyy! You took up the tag 😀 okayy so,

    2&3. Hahahaha! Okay, I never, EVER expected you to be such a romantic! 😀 How nice that you took up this tag, or I would’ve never known that piece of information about you! Really, I’m very pleasantly surprised. And crush at age of 5? ME TOO, hahaha! He was my best friend who lived right next to me and we used to wrestle and play Business and Ludo and all that. We even had sleepovers, back when we were young enough that it was okay to have sleepovers with guys :\ Now toh he’s all grown up and is in college and and I’m afraid of talking to him!

    4. Whoo, Pokerface! This post revealed a lot, i always thought you to be a straightforward, to-the-point person.

    5. AND LAST TIME YOU CRIED WHEN YOU WERE IN FIFTH? WHOA. That is very, very weird for me since I cry in almost all the movies I see. I have a challenge for you. Watch My Sister’s keeper and you will DEFINITELY cry. Btw, did you not even cry while watching Anand?

    7&9. Aahhh, again I’m very surprised by this confession. Me too, btw. Not the violent music naahh, I cant stand it, but disorganized, yepp.

    8. Hahaha, that is quite funny. Do you know that cockroaches are one of the most evolved and intelligent beings on planet? I heard it somewhere.

    12. Le Petit Chaperon! Ooohhh, we did it in French! Its niceee. 🙂

    15. Yeahh, you told me about being sent to a Psychiatrist once! 😀 😀 So cool, that, hun 😀

    and btw, I DID mail you. Did u read??

    • Srishti,

      Welcome to the new blog, finally!

      Yes, it was some stroke of luck that I came to know you’d tagged me, even without your telling me about it.

      2 & 3. Happens, we tend to remain in awe of childhood crushes despite the fact that they’d have totally turned into individuals, we just might not be fascinated by.

      4. 😀

      5. I’ve never completely watched Anand. I’d also cried watching ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun…’ when Renuka Shahane had died. But of course, that was not in public. I’ve not heard about ‘My sister’s keeper’, but I’d found ‘Black’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and ‘A beautiful life’ quite overwhelming.

      8. Then, what you heard is wrong! In fact, cockroaches haven’t evolved in last 400 million years. It’s said that’s because of the thick layer of chitin (exoskeleton), which prevents cosmic rays from striking their dividing cells. Cosmic rays have many ionizing particles, which usually increase the rate of mutations. And as you might know, rate of mutations is what determines the ‘rate’ of evolution. 🙂 But yes, cockroaches are very successful as organisms when it comes to survival. And they’re not intelligent. I’d read that if you pluck off a cockroach’s head, it will take 2-3 days to die, that too out of starvation. As it simply just does not have a brain, but only ganglia.

      Thanks again for tagging me. 🙂

      Take care.

  6. Wow, Ketan! I genuinely was not aware that you liked being tagged, I wud have passed all of mine on to you..coz personally I dont enjoy posting about tags but I really enjoyed this one myself..

    Lets see, I knew about the crush at age 5 thing and the psychiatrist thing..:D Maybe it was the pokerface that made people refer you to the latter..Also, knew about The Little Prince, you’d mentioned that to me atleast twice before!

    About point no. 2, I dont know how exactly one determines who is a crushworthy person, but I’m pretty sure I had a crush on my class 6 mathematics professor..he was this wise, fountain-of-knowledge figure and he always gave me a smile and great marks..and he was serene in a Buddhaesque way..that wud be my first crush at age 12, which is pretty generally age-appropriate I think 😀

    no. 3, wow seriously? Then, you must be able to see a lot of good in people (girls, rather) I dont think I’ve had more than seven crushes in my whole life..(ok, I really counted for this one and unless, I’ve callously forgotten ppl, seven crushes it is.)

    no. 6, i am totally a dog person! But, these cat photos are truly can always trust you to illustrate your points! 😀

    no. 7, 8, 9, wud never have guessed these about you! 😀 esp. the cockroaches bit..cockroaches are actually rather adept-at-survival creatures..I find that fascinating about them, did you know they even survived the mass extinction of species that killed all the dinosaurs? I once put a cockroach in a matchbox under my bed when I was eight or nine yrs old and fed it with leftovers from my dinner. 😀 I remember I called it Sammy! They can be very unclean tho’ since they run about in toilet pipes..

    and no. 10, let me say thats not very hygienic (seriously, it cud prevent girls putting you on their crush list! :D)

    • TUIB,

      Welcome to my WordPress blog!

      Yes, you don’t need to do tags, as your other blog posts anyway reveal quite bit about you. Good, you found this tag interesting and took it up, which gave me an opportunity, too to post. 🙂

      No, perhaps those people just wanted to test how reliable the psychiatrist was! I’m sure they lost their faith in the specialty of psychiatry after that result! 😛

      Crush-worthiness has a lot to do with one’s power to *imagine*, if you get what I mean. 😉

      LOL @ “.one can always trust you to illustrate your points!” Guilty as charged, and I must say I can trust you to make your points precisely by not making them! 😛

      You got so emotionally attached to, of all species, a cockroach???!!! I’m sure now Sammy with your loving nurture must have turned into a Cockzilla oops… Cockroachzilla! 😛 Did he break out of the matchbox like Sunny Deol had out of a jail in some movie (Salaakhein, perhaps?). 😉

      10. I promise that if any girl devices a method to make me feel less lonely in the bathroom (except for flooding it with cockroaches), I’ll get very, very regular with bathing! 😀

      And did you resolve that you want to respect the statute of “10” honest points about oneself? No commentary on the supernumerary 5 points? 😦

      Anyway, thanks a lot for visiting! It was nice. 🙂

      • In all honesty, the only reason I took up this tag was becoz I cudnt think of anything else to write about at that time. Which may have been a very good thing, in retrospect.

        And well, psychiatry has come a long way but it has a long long way to go, as that little anecdote of yours demonstrates.

        And oh, my personal hero is Gerald Durrell so I dont really discriminate between species. I’ve tried to “lovingly nurture” a centipede, a cockroach (one other after Sammy), a drowning puppy, a baby pigeon and a moth with a torn wing. As you can imagine, my mum made me give all of them up. As for Sammy, the maid cleaning the room saw the matchbox, opened it, took one look at Sammy and well, reacted pretty much like maybe you wud, shrieked and threw it into the bin. So well, I dunno if Sammy survived that, but I trust he did.

        And uh, I think its a bit of a self-feeding cycle with the bathing’ll have to do some by yourself before you can look at having company (excepting cockroaches, of course) 😀

        And well, I dont really have anything else to say about Shaan apart from he’s a good singer. And I havent read The Little Prince nor do I listen to “violent music”. So that limits my commentary right there. 🙂

        • TUIB,

          No, no, my anecdote perhaps proved that the class teacher was wrong and nothing much wrong with the specialty of psychiatry by itself.

          Hahaha! The way you’ve nurtured animals, you must be the Noih (female Noah)! 😛 Hahaha! I can quite empathize with the maid! 😉

          And with regard to bathing, I’ve had an ex, who didn’t mind my misadventures, but well she must’ve been exceptional. 😉 Looks like will have to reconcile with her. 🙂

          You might like the Little Prince, and a prolific reader as yourself would finish it in 30 min, flat!

          Thanks for returning to comment. BTW, above I was of course joking! 😛

  7. This is actually the first time I have read anything about tags and their prospective significance(please excuse my ignorance). And am I impressed!!
    I am going to do something on these lines real soon. Might take a couple of pointers from here 🙂

    • Hi, Wajiha!

      And welcome to my blog! Yes, I think there are different blog-cultures in various countries. Perhaps, Pakistanis tend to write more of issue-based blogs. Of course, I could be wrong here. My conclusion is based on a very small sample. 🙂

      Anyway, looking forward to see your blog post materialize; it’s been long you published anything on your blog. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and take care!

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