News Channel’s Discretion

Two separate incidents have occurred. In first (event ‘A’), at a place where heterosexuals are in significant majority, a straight man slaps a gay purely out of bigotry. In second unrelated event (‘B’) at a place were gay people are in slight majority, a gay man kills a straight one purely out of bigotry. It is assumed that the news channel will highlight at least one of the two incidents.

3 thoughts on “News Channel’s Discretion

    • That would be a good idea. But I was drawing parallels with the original situation we were discussing, for which this poll was meant as an analogy [the place where the event occurred has majority of those who are elsewhere the minority]. And moreover, as you could see the number of conditions have already made the poll quite complex. As it is, for the data I wanted, more than one-third comments would’ve to be eliminated as they feel “both the events should be mentioned in passing”. But then it also shows that at least those readers did not read much into what trend could be set by these events.

      But still you’d have largely got your answer – it is very, very few readers who felt that even ‘B’ should’ve altogether been left out. And in fact, one also felt that ‘A’ should also be left out. However, I have always maintained that media does not need to be responsive to what their patrons expect, as their source of revenue is not what their patrons pay to avail of their services directly or through advertisements.

      If you want you could repeat the poll with conditions you want. Because apart from subtle changes in the language and/or conditions, there might be differences in sampling, which could influence the results. And I have not yet marked my preference. 🙂 Which would be more prominent coverage of killing as that would be a more serious crime.

      If you would like larger sample, you could direct your blog readers to this poll. And even if you do not want larger sample, it would be nice if you could put a small note on your blog about this poll (as I would like a larger sample), provided you approve of the options and the settings.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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