In response to Sunita Aron’s Blog post titled: “Gujarat wins, Modi loses”

Following is the comment I had submitted on Sunita Aron’s (click) HT Blog (click) titled Gurajat wins, Modi loses (click). The numbered quotes are taken directly from the published blog post and appended below each of them are my corresponding thoughts.

1. “One can hate Narendra Modi”

Yes, one can hate anything/anyone one wants to, but ideally there should be a rational basis for that.

2. “Agreed his crime can’t be condoned”

What “crime” are you alluding to here? Why this a priori assumption that Modi had committed some crime?

3. “I too hate politicians who thrive on dead bodies”

Over 200 Hindus had died in post-Godhra riots, around 70 of them, because of police firing. So, Hindus thought, “Yay! So what if 250 Hindus got killed, so what if 30,000 Hindus were arrested, so what if several Hindus got handicapped, so what if many Hindus lost their houses, but yay, Modi got killed over 800 Muslims and also gave us a “free hand” to kill Muslims, so we will vote for him” – if not this – what other conclusion are you drawing here?

4. “His statement was definitely unwarranted as already a large section of the community was upset with his appointment as a rector”

a. Are you suggesting that his statement was doomed to be unwarranted because large section of the community was “already” upset with his appointment as a rector? E.g., if a large section of India was upset with Suresh Kalmadi’s appointment/election as the President of Indian Olympic Association, does it mean anything he says would be unwarranted, e.g., if he says, “the Sun rises from East”? What is the causal association between large section of a community being happy/upset with someone’s appointment and the warranty of what that appointed person says?

b. What was the sample size of the survey of Muslims you conducted? What randomization strategy had you employed? How did you eliminate selection bias?

5. “And now a demand has been made for his removal”

Gujarat’s population is approximately 5 crores. 15 % are approximately Muslims, which comes to around 75 lakhs. Of that, we can assume that around 40 lakhs must be adults. So, out of these 40 lakh Gujarati Muslims, how many have made a demand for his removal? What platform have they used to make such a demand? Could you please provide the links or any other indicator/proof as to how many Gujarati Muslims have made such a demand?

6. “Let’s credit this growth to the entrepreneurial temperament of the Gujaratis then and not Modi.”

Yes, one of the tings in your article that I quite agree with, so let’s blame this Gujarat riots to the violent temperament of the Gujaratis then and not Modi?

7. “If Gujarat has moved forward, then obviously both the Hindus and the Muslims must have moved forward.”

If Gujarat had seen riots for more than a month (in which ~ 800 Muslims had died and ~ 250 Hindus had died), then obviously both the Hindus and the Muslims must have rioted?

10 thoughts on “In response to Sunita Aron’s Blog post titled: “Gujarat wins, Modi loses”

  1. Has it become fashionable to keep on talking crap about Modi? When the Deoband head says “Lets Move On”, no body is interested in hearing or writing a huge article on that.

    What are these journalists upto? What are they trying to prove? What is their object? In destruction, lie their claim to fame. Greater the things they seek to destroy, greater they feel. Wish they grow.


    • Saimukundhan,

      I cannot tell you how poor is my assessment of most of the Indian media and their employees. These people have little conscience or compassion. And let me go on to say, I am still alright with that, because most Indians (including myself at most times) are like that. What I find really disgusting is this pontification and sanctimonious tone. These people speak as if they have some kind of monopoly over ‘wisdom’ and ‘humanity’.

      In my understanding these people’s goals are not ideological. They are not even bound by jealousy or an urge to destroy something they feel is great (something that you seem to allude in your comment a la Ellseworth Toohey), but it is the ‘market forces’ that lead them to determine that narrative and agenda for public discourse that have determined.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. this is all the english media secularism crap.. they always take the side of minorities and the duffers who read this newspapers get influenced by it..
    Modi is one of the best chief ministers and there is no doubt he will be a good pm if given a chance

    • Maya,

      Thanks for your candid feedback!

      As you might have lived in Gujarat at the times of riots, it would be interesting to know your account of how things had panned out. Have you blogged about it? Thanks!

  3. Right said we need Leaders like MODIji and not eunuch like MMS who can’t take a decision on their own.
    We need Modi because he thinks of the society as a whole and not different communities like the congress does.
    Congress is a communal and corrupt and we should get rid of it as soon as possible

    • The Mindset,

      I wouldn’t use the term ‘eunuch’ with the same condescension that you apparently do. 🙂 The reason I wouldn’t like power through proxy – the kind our current Prime Minister seems to hold onto – is because there is no accountability! Each time something goes wrong with the policies or a new scam surfaces, the proxy can be removed, a new one installed and people (especially, the media) will shut up singing paeans to the integrity of the entity that holds actual power.

      I also agree with the observation that in their policies, especially related to resource-allocation, the Congress is actually slightly more partisan than the BJP. BJP’s rhetoric of Hindutva does not spill over in their day-to-day governance.

      Thanks for your inputs!

    • Saimukundhan,

      Thanks for the link!

      Those who have lived in Gujarat would understand that the scale of violence that ensued killing of 58 passengers was nothing to be surprised about. In fact, I sometimes believe that with some other person in Chief Minister’s post perhaps more lives would have been lost. It is a different matter, that many would find my saying this ridiculous.

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