My attempts at song recording!

Now don’t get too carried away by the exclamation mark above in the title! I know the final outcome is quite ordinary, or perhaps even worse. But anyway, I take keen ‘amateur interest’ in listening to music, and am not trained in music in any way. Nor do I even consider myself a good singer. I can hit the not so difficult or convoluted tunes more or less right, and that’s about it. But, I do not like my voice. As you listen to these recordings the reasons for that would make themselves clearer.

So, I have made several attempts in the past to record my voice. Apart from my inherent limitations, technological limitations (lack of good microphone, recording device, sound editing, etc.) also make impressive outcomes less likely. 😛

I would also like to add that through my online interactions I’ve made acquaintance with many people. Some of them are such that they know many aspects of my life very well. Yet, hearing someone’s voice for the first time is indeed a revelation. So, that makes me further self-conscious to ‘reveal’ my voice to the other ‘voiceless’ acquaintances. 🙂

Apparatus for this experiment: (1) RecForge Lite – Audio Recorder (click) for recording using front microphone of (2) HTC One X (click), and (3) Audacity (click) software for sound editing.

Without further fuss, I present the following mp3 files for your kind auditory perusal, and unkind remarks. 😀

1. Purely amplified version (click) of the recording (without any other edits) I had made in the bathroom for the ‘natural’ echo effect that could be produced. 😀 As you might realize one of the neighbors had felt quite anguished (hopefully not by my singing) and started loudly murmuring towards the end of the recording. As I was feeling quite inhibited, the recording is very brief, and some of the notes are subdued (thankfully for listeners, if any).

2. I had made the second recording (click) in my bedroom, added a bit of echo using Audacity, removed some erroneous pauses and done a bit of noise reduction.

The respective unedited versions of the above recordings can be found here (click) and here (click).

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