Screaming for Public Welfare

Science thrives on imagination, and imagination knows no boundaries. No wonder, boundaries of sanity may also be breached in the process. I had conducted a really famous experiment, which had received widespread media coverage: —– Gorillas Pave Way for a Healthy Human Society Silly-con Valley9th May, 2009 A team of researchers headed by Ketan Panchal […]

Atlas’ bugged… keep it short!

Gail Waynand stared at his own reflection, and the hand that held gun against his forehead. His own hand. He wanted to live on… to try deserving Dominique more than Roark. He was afraid of death. He pulled the trigger. [Click] “Inefficient buggers! Can’t produce guns that don’t jam.” “Keating! Don’t…” [Dhishkaon] Who’s John Galt?


Shilpi: Gimme your English notebook. Quick! Couldn’t do my homework. How much time’s there?Alka: Five min!Shilpi: My God! Ten min later… Shilpi: Phew! Just completed!Alka: [Thinking] What shabby handwriting! You get ‘FAIR’. I get three stars. Wow! Teacher [Gasping]: Sorry, got late. We’ll directly begin our lesson. No homework-correction for today! —–Thanks Rajat for inputs!

My Bull O’ Sophy

As the description of my blog suggests there’ve been many times that my feeling of knowing everything about life’s been proved incorrect. But that’s not to mean my feeling had been totally unfounded. I’ve indeed learnt a lot in life, and so today I share my pearls er… dollops of wisdom with you (a minuscule […]

The True Prophecy

Unbeknownst to ye blithely ignorant peoples, exactly a year from this wretched day shall cometh a blessedeth day, whence a messiah (click, thee moron) shalt taketh birth amongst ye mortals. He wilt looketh every part a mortal like ye. He wilt performeth miracles that ye wilt taketh for granted, just like the oxygen ye shalt […]