Rohit’s voice boomed, “You’re so arrogant to believe you didn’t require a creator to be created?” Manoj responded–amidst boo’s. But when he was heard, it was with disinterest. Rohit’d won the debate competition. Manoj wasn’t disappointed because he’d lost, but because he wasn’t heard. Rohit winked. “Now you know why I say I believe?”

A Journey called Life

Every one has dreams, ambitions. I am no different. If an ambition can be likened to reaching the peak of a mountain, then yes, there were times when I wanted to climb atop a mountain that would have brought me glory, and may be, also given me satisfaction. But then, that was the past. I […]


Edited on January 18, 2013 for terseness. [Following post was inspired by terrorist attack on Mumbai in November, 2008 (click)]. Nowadays we hear so much about violence, terror, and any kind of “planned calamity” that makes me wonder where the human race is headed. All this destruction had made me think as to why do […]

A few responses to criticism of atheism

This is a very impulsive blog, really. I was just going through the article on Wikipedia “Criticism of atheism”. There was one point that particularly struck me. I had the impulse to reply then and there (in the article, itself!), but remembered Wikipedia is only supposed to describe and not opine. The point that got […]