Why Indian women tend to have more followers over twitter than Indian men?

“Tend to have” more followers? 1. I do not have the supporting data, and it’s just an empirical observation. 2. It surely is a generalization, and simply focusing on outliers would distract from this curious phenomenon. It’s just that I’ve noticed that an average female Indian twitter account has higher follower : following ratio than that […]

BJP’s Rally against Price Rise Makes Dent – on Twitter!

Tweaked from #PriceRiseRally tweets: 1. Bhishma Pitamah at #PriceRiseRally: Khud ka pet nahin paal sakta, biwi-bachchon ka kya hoga! Main brahmacharya ki shapath leta hoon 2. Buffalo at #PriceRiseRally eats up dice thrown by Shakuni after wrongly hearing “chaar” as “chaara”. Denies its name is Lalu 3. Ms. Roy at #PriceRiseRally scratches private parts vigorously. […]