Twitter ‘Bio’: The Old and the New

I replied something to a fellow tweeter, and realized that tweet described one of my prominent traits quite accurately. I thought that would be my apt twitter ‘bio’. And, I reached the field from where I could edit it. Exactly when I was about to use the ruthless backspace on my keyboard to send the old bio into oblivion, I realized I’d developed quite an emotional connect with it. I don’t know how many people might’ve chosen to follow (or to not follow) me reading it, how many people it would’ve intrigued or perhaps would it have made subtly smile among those who’d have understood it *exactly* the way I wanted it understood. I wanted to apologize to my old twitter bio for terminating its services so abruptly despite having served me so well. After all, I have found the Love of my life over twitter when my bio was the one I’m sending into retirement. 🙂 I did not have the heart to wipe off its existence just like that, in few impulsive strokes, so here is the space I feel befitting for it to have a secure existence in:

My RATional brainlet is charged. It has RATions. RATions repel away the CATions – no positive attitude! Atheist.

Some readers might find it condescending to have meaning of the above explained, but precisely in light of what my new twitter bio is, I hope such readers would empathize with my desire to clarify its meaning as I prefer playing it safe. I don’t like my words to be shrouded in enigma or carry a risk of being incorrectly understood, which is reflected in the labored language I use on most occasions. So, here it is…

I wanted to indulge in some self-deprecatory humor, hence, ‘brainlet’ instead of a full fledged brain, but I also wanted to eulogise myself by advertizing how rational I think I am, and hence the personification of ‘brain’ as ‘rational’. I capitalized the RAT in RATional simply to contrast with CAT in CATions. Cations are positively charged ions, which the RATions had managed to repel away, hence my brainlet was left ‘not positive’, and hence, “No positive attitude”, which is more or less in line with my generalized cynicism. 🙂 “Atheist” is of course, self-explanatory.

When I’d started expressing myself over the internet, I was obsessed with highlighting the evils of organized religion, and even personal theism. Furthermore, I find belief in a sentient, active (intention-driven), Omnipotent, Omnipresent, all-good, charitable and benevolent ‘God’ a dishonest one to harbor subject to the degree to which the believer would’ve had the opportunity to gather knowledge (largely based in science) and apply it while choosing to start believing or continuing to do so. However, I no longer get irked by manifestations of orgaized religion or theism so much as to keep ranting against them. I also had realized some theists find it offensive that an atheist would advertize so prominently their lack of belief. All in all, I had been growing uncomfortable identifying myself as an atheist upfront. So, that irrelevant identification goes away. 🙂

Here’s my new twitter bio:

I am too vain to want to make peace with the words I use being understood differently than what I would mean.

4 thoughts on “Twitter ‘Bio’: The Old and the New

  1. We all know how much our twitter handles mean to us! Direct, to the point articulation proves just that. Came across your blog recently and can’t wait to absorb in the whole.

  2. EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! WAY too many people are seriously as dumb as posts, more’s the pity. WAY TOO MANY. The rest of us understand, and those that do and complain anyway — Screw ‘Em!

  3. This really is the 3rd article, of your website I checked out.
    However I really enjoy this one, “Twitter
    Bio: The Old and the New | Neglected Serendipity” the very best.
    Thanks -Lavon

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