Song Parody: 1 – Duniya mein logon ko

This is after real long that I am parodizing an entire Hindi song. Hope, you enjoy! —– To be sung to the tune of ‘Duniya mein logon ko’. Original lyrics are in green, and parodied ones are in orange. Also, lyrics have been phonetically rendered in Roman script for those browsers that might not render […]


When I’d first seen, YOU were a tall wall I wanted to scale. YOU were too tall, too formidable. Since long, YOU had been accumulating soot and dust, and what was contained within became invisible to the eye. Beauty does not always inspire open eyed gawking. I became curious. I explored. I might have tickled […]

Kya jaanoon sajan?…

I have incidentally never discussed music on my blog, and apart from this one, I do have a few other posts in my mind, which I might publish subject to availability of time! Through this post, I want to express my unsurpassed admiration for one song–‘Kya janoon sajan’. Apart from having a most hauntingly painful […]


Tonight, I see you standing with him.Hand-in-hand.Ever so slightly do you squirm.Only I understand. That to him now you belong,Is for a fact.And for you I will not long,With me was a pact. Had I known what this would be to see–You and him…But then, never could I foresee;It was a whim. As I mildly […]

One Moment of Clarity

Voices are muzzled Noise gets drizzled. Sight is scattered Darkness gets gathered. Sensations are profuse, But senses left confused; And, hallucinations encroach upon Realms of reality. Then it befalls- One moment of clarity. A new reality unfolds And guessing put on hold Stacked layer-upon-layer Is answer upon every problem; One-by-one all You can solve them. […]