The True Prophecy

Unbeknownst to ye blithely ignorant peoples, exactly a year from this wretched day shall cometh a blessedeth day, whence a messiah (click, thee moron) shalt taketh birth amongst ye mortals.

He wilt looketh every part a mortal like ye. He wilt performeth miracles that ye wilt taketh for granted, just like the oxygen ye shalt breatheth that He only wouldst inventeth before takething birth.

Whatever the worldly name He chooseth to distracteth ye from diagnosing His greatness, He in the Heavens, shalt be known as The Bullosopher. He shalt pretendeth to not believeth in My Existence, and spreadeth the word against Me, for the supply of the uplifting wonder pill – Nirvangra® has been kepteth scarce, but it is for ye to see through His distractething stratagems.

He shalt filleth the World© with light and delight. But these gifts shall cometh only to those mortals, who deciphereth the cryptic messages enshrinedeth in His instruction manual that shalt be called Neglected Serendipity.

Thy Lord, in Hiser Infinite WisdomTM has seteth the Universe© to self-destructeth in the Twenty Seventh year of the Bullosopher (click again, thee imbecile). Only thy Bullosopher can save ye.

And to keepeth Him engagedeth in his Noblest pursuits, ye shalt singeth a singular paean to his greatness – “To errrrrrrr is Human; to bullosophy is Bullosopherrrrrrrr”.

Ye seeeth grammatical errors in The MessageTM? Shut up, thee mere mortal, for thy Lord only inventedeth the Grammar in Hiser Infinite WisdomTM. The bottomline beingeth, Thy Lord knoweth the Best.

There shalt not be nor there hath been any other communication from thy Lord. Any other communication shalt only be enticements sent by The Axis of Evil Impostors.


3 thoughts on “The True Prophecy

  1. Ah! I thought you said 25 years ago.I missed the ‘more than’ part. Then didn’t look at date closely, just that its year 84, and then the message. (…exactly a year…) and concluded that you are 24, but wrong date.

    BTW I was wondering, if I write a post, and someone breaches the copyrights by writing same thing on such a ‘backdated’ post, could the impostor get away claiming to be the original author.

    Well, thanks to google, no:


    Now I better pray in repentance, since my mortal comments defiled a holy message.

    “O Thou Holy Compiler, please ignore my comment!”

    Cos hey, thats one of the basic things compliers are supposed to do: ignore comments :P!

  2. Stupidosaur,

    Thee maketh Thy Lord happy by distractething mere mortals further from recognizething the true greatness and nature of Bullosopher and Thine Truthily (yours truly), for the supply of Nirvanagra is really, really short.

    Thy Lord rechristeneth thee to Stupidosopher, and henceforth promotes thee to the post of Deputy Bullosopher of The Justice Inc.

    Thy Lord is not merely the compiler, but is also the compliar and creator of the World (C).


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